May 23, 2008


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He slid his shirt off, and took out the clamp. Opened it and slid the cold steel over his nipple, letting it start to close, let the teeth start to bite then opened it again, the way she had so many times. Just letting the pain start, making the anticipation build, listening to the sharp gasps of breath every time the serrated shining teeth started to bite down and the whimper as they opened again. He could still hear her voice when the pain spread through him, telling him to get on his knees, her fingers tangling in his hair and pulling his head back so she could stand over him and watch his whole body tremble.

“You want pleasure?” She’d worry his neck with her lips, little bites with her teeth making a trail of sensation from his throat to his spine.

“Yes please!” He’d gasp and roll his body against her, desperate for her touch.

“You’ll pay with pain.” She’d twist his hair hard and pull, arching his back to pull his body into a taught, immobile bow.

“Yes please.” It slipped out before he could think of any other answer, he couldn’t think of anything at all but her thighs straddling his chest, of bartering his body or even his soul for her caresses. Of selling his pain for both their pleasure. Of begging her to to make his nerve endings a mirror image of her own, his pain reflected in her pleasure and back, feeding on each other and getting hungrier.

“Ooh, I love to hear you beg. Kiss the clamp.” She’d move it before his lips, making him fight to pull his head forward to reach it, holding it just out of reach until he puckered his lips and pulled forward as hard as he could to plant a quick kiss on the cold clamp.

She’d wait until he sagged back, the muscles in his neck exhausted, and then move the alligator clamp a little further away. “Give it a blowjob, a wet sloppy one.” She’d thrill at the flash of anger in his eyes and roll her hips when she felt his hair tighten in her hand again and saw his lips pull forward towards his tormentor again.

Her gasping breaths would fall in time with his own, in as he sucked the steel into his mouth, out as he rocked his head back, lips tightly wrapped around the length of the clamp, taking her fingers in. Her legs would pull him in tight to her crotch and she would rub herself up and down with short, jerking motions, feeling the hair on his chest tickle her thighs, jerking herself off on the beating of his heart.

“Wetter. Use your tongue.” He was rolling with her now, pushing himself into her, and his tongue shot out at her command. Rolling over the clamp, darting back into his mouth when it got dry, until she held the clamp open and watched his tongue dance on the sharp metal points.

Then let the spring pull the clamp shut on his tongue.

“Agh, fook!” His eyes flew open and he instinctively shook his head to try and dislodge the teeth as his hands came up from his sides.

She knelt down and grabbed his hands, wrestling with him and keeping them away from the points digging tunnels of pain in his tongue. “No baby, no, keep going, keep going with your mouth.”

She felt his chest shudder as he drew in a deep breath and calmed, then began pulling his tongue in his mouth, wrapping his lips around the clamp. His lips distorted as the flat back pushed them out of the way as he shoved his tongue back out, in and out over and over until spit dripped off every bit of the shining metal.

Her lips crushed into his own and she sucked the clamp into her mouth, biting down on it with her teeth and pulling his tongue out, further and further until it stretched taught and pink in such exquisite pain. His gasps of pain and her gasps of pleasure passed back and forth along with the metallic taste and suddenly memory wasn’t enough for him.

He pushed the clamp open and stuck his tongue out, remembering the feel of her up tight against his body. The teeth bit down and he trembled violently, forcing himself to keep still, letting the memory of her fingers hold him in place just like her flesh and bone had.

He sat there until the pain was a familiar situation, until it throbbed wasn’t new anymore and he could tell himself it was her pleasure he was feeling instead, and make his body believe it. His hands fought to reach his throbbing erection, but he made them stay behind him, counted down from a hundred until his lust abated to some dark corner of his mind.

His fingers opened the clamp and his tongue slipped out. Dragging the damaged flesh across his teeth to feel it again, he put his shirt back on and dried the clamp off with a washcloth. He came down slowly, but his breath calmed and he eventually relaxed.

He looked at the clock on the wall. Quarter of seven, she’d said she’d be there at eight.

And she was. His lust and shame were nearly boiling by that time, he wanted and needed her to force him down to the floor and make him beg. To make him feel so wrong and hurt him.

When she’d casually asked him what he’d done that day, he’d blurted out the whole story. In trembling, halting sentences he’d confessed everything, the words falling over each other as he shook and stared at the floor, pulling the clamp out of his pocket and turning it over and over in his hands.

She’d waited until he was done, then kissed his forehead softly and lifted his chin with her hand. “Oh baby.” She took the clamp out of his hand, and dragged it across his lips. Her other hand reached down and unzipped his pants. He felt sharp metal points snag and pull his underwear. She smiled at the fear in his eyes and leaned in close to whisper in his ear.

“I have other uses for your tongue tonight, so we’ll just have to find someplace else for this to go.”

She shivered at his moan, and her hand slid into her purse where her fingers flitted across steel and plastic and wood, some smooth, some with sharp jagged teeth, all with springs to pinch and crush flesh between their jaws. And all for his most sensitive and tender parts, and all for tonight.

Copyright 2008 by Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Eileen said,

    First thought: very nice. Damn.

    Second thought: Oh god, I hope he doesn’t swallow that clamp.


  2. Vague said,

    Thanks, glad you liked.

    And remember, your safeword tonight is “Heimlich.”

  3. Tom Allen said,

    “Agh, fook!”


    Excellent image, right there!

  4. littlesubmissions said,

    Thanks, I’ve never really been one for suffering in silence.

  5. NomSecret said,

    Someone with very good taste suggested you on a blog, and I would just like to say, this is the best internet porn (or non-internet porn, for that matter) that I have ever read. Yay for you. Yay for me for finding you. Yay for more. We want more!


    P.S. Did I mention the more part?

  6. littlesubmissions said,

    Thank you, I have a very simple theory actually: If I write well, people will read. If I write poorly, masochist bottoms will be forced to read by sadist tops.

    Either way, I get the readers.

    I’m currently going with a one new story a week schedule, updating on the weekend (which usually actually means Thursday because I want to make sure it’s there for people on the weekend).

    Thanks again, hope you continue to enjoy.

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