May 28, 2008

The Lighter Side of Rising Gas Prices

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“Cash, grass, or ass?”


She looked at him as he fastened the seat belt, sunglasses making her eyes cool, impersonal, insectoid above a lopsided grin.  “I said we could carpool, not that I’d let you ride for free.  So how are you going to pay?  Cash.  Grass.  Or ass?”

“Ass?”  It was half question, half hopeful request.

She dropped the car into gear and moved into traffic.  “I was hoping you’d pick ass.”  The clunk of the automatic door locks punctuated her sentence, an ominous counterpoint to her widening smile.  “Now shut up, leave the stereo alone, and enjoy your ass, because when we get home it’s mine.”

She watched him in the rear view mirror, his eyes moving to her hopefully, suspiciously, and felt a little twinge deep in her stomach as he started to sweat in the air-conditioned car.  The car moved through traffic quickly, taking them through the empty areas and suburbs towards their home.  She drove faster than usual, more aggressively, and felt her breath getting harder as he became more flushed, and had more trouble keeping his hands still.

Her door was open as soon as the ignition was off, and she was out of the car, walking around the back to come up beside his open door.  She’d been thinking about this all day, and couldn’t keep herself off him any longer.  “Get out.”  She hissed it, looking around to make sure they were alone.

He slid out awkwardly, her body pinning him in the opening made by the car door.  She grabbed him roughly, sliding her hands down the back of his pants, pulling him close, smashing her lips to his.  Hungry kisses.  Hard, painful groping.  Short gasps.  Her hands forced him up on his toes, grabbing the waistband of his underwear and twisting, pulling it into the crack of his – her – ass.

She felt his interrupted breaths on her lips as she twisted and groped his flesh, felt his body pressing against hers, and finally made herself step back.  She was hungry for him then, wanted to throw him down and beat his ass raw, roll him over and ride him on the dirty concrete, pressing his sore flesh into the filth and stone.  Instead she made herself slide by, a playful parting slap on one cheek waking him up from his own fantasies.

She went to the bedroom, he flopped down on the couch and reached for the remote automatically, trying not to think about what might be coming.  Trying to keep them out only made the thoughts more persistent and his hand was rubbing his cock through his jeans, imagining the sounds the belt would make, the burning slap of the hairbrush, the sting of her open palm as she he lay naked over her lap…
“Hey!  You’re sitting on my ass!”

He jumped at the sound of her voice, dropped the remote, and automatically jerked his hand away, suddenly a teenager caught doing something he shouldn’t.

She grabbed him by the hair, pulled him up.  He started to protest, stammering an apology as she slid something into his back pocket.  He looked in time to see her flipping another, identical item over and speech left him at the sight of a square of leather with brass tacks shoved through it.  “I told you that old wallet would come in handy.”  She loved the feeling of his body tensing as he saw it, figured out what it meant.

She felt her own crotch getting hotter as she slipped the square into the other back pocket of his jeans, loved the feel of his mind telling him to beg her to take away the pain while his cock got hard again and wanted more.  “Try sitting down now.”

He carefully, gingerly, lowered himself down to the cushions, gasping as the tacks slid through denim and cloth, making tiny points of pain in his ass.  She stepped over and straddled his legs, looking down at him and playfully lowering herself until she was putting the slightest weight on his legs.  “Hurts?”

The wide eyes did it to her every time, made her so wet, and the way he licked his lips, knowing there wasn’t a right answer…  “Yeah, it hurts.”

She lowered herself more, felt his arms tense up and push down into the couch harder to keep his flesh safe from the cruel points.  Her fingers traced a line down her cleavage, undoing one button, then the other, opening her blouse.  His arms started to get tired, the muscles spasming and sending little waves of pleasure through her as his body shook.  “Want to touch them?  She lifted a breast out of her bra, offered it to him, bringing it close to his mouth and then backing away, watching him tilt his head forward and feeling his locked elbows start to weaken, to involuntarily collapse.

“Yes, please…”

She rubbed her nipples, moaning as they crinkled and hardened, and looked into his eyes.  “Want to feel me up?  Want to fondle my tits?  Pinch my nipples?”

“Yes…”  It was a tortured moan now, and she felt him shifting his weight from one arm to the other, rubbing his cock against her crotch and trying to find a way to free even just one hand. When she thought his desperation had reached the point he might let himself fall to the couch, she stood up.  “Too bad.  You sat on my ass without permission.”

He fell to his side, keeping his ass off the cushions and bringing his burning arms to his chest.  She flopped down beside him, buttoning her blouse back up, sighing contentedly as she wiggled back into the soft cushions.

He turned his head and glared.

She smirked, pretended not to notice, and turned on the television.  “Since you can’t sit down anyway, how about making supper?  Do a good job and maybe I won’t make you sleep on your stomach all night.”

His breathing slowed, the swelling in his crotch faded.  “Spaghetti sound good?”

“Whatever you can eat standing up.”

She waited until he was in the kitchen, unbuttoned her pants.  Slid one finger down her damp panties, began to rub her clit in small circles.  The orgasm came fast, a small, quick one, just enough to take the edge off her hunger.  She wanted to make this last, make his pain the entire evening, savor his rising torment.

She didn’t even taste the supper, left half the dishes on the table, and shoved him into the bedroom trading long, garlic and tomato flavored kisses.

His pants were down and on the floor as they moved to the bed, forcing him to take small, careful steps as she ground her body into him.  She felt his skin snag and tear beneath her nails as she dragged them up and down his back, tracing burning lines down to his ass and mauling it with savage lust.

She spun him around, shoved his face down to the bed, pulled his underwear down.  She felt a thump deep inside her as she kicked his legs apart, his pants and underwear dangling from one ankle.  Tremors deep inside her started as she pulled on a leather glove, and began to spank him.  Alternating cheeks at first, he jumped and hissed and moaned in pain and she hissed and moaned back in pleasure.  Ice water dripped across his back, running down his burning flesh and soothing, then making the pain worse as she began slapping him again.

When he started to beg, really beg, not the human cries of pain but the animal mewls that signaled the pain was too much, she rolled him over.  He squirmed to raise his burning backside off the sheets, and then she was on him, settling down and guiding him inside her.

She watched his face as she slammed down, contorting in pain as his searing skin hit the bed, then gasping in pleasure as she pulled up, over and over again, as fast and hard as she could.  He thrust up as she slammed down, caught between pain and pleasure, until they shuddered to  orgasm, and she fell on top of him.  He yelped and rolled onto his side, still hugging her tightly, and they lay facing each other.

“That, really, fucking, hurt.”

She kissed him, tenderly.  “Was it too much?”

He shook his head.  “No.  But it really fucking hurts.”

“Brave man.”  She sighed contentedly, snuggled up against him.  “I suppose I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to use cash instead, buy your ass back.”
A large hand stroked her hair, while he carefully touched his burning ass with the other and gasped.  “I have fifty-five dollars in my wallet.  It’s yours, and I think pretty fair considering the condition my ass is in.”

He felt her head move against his chest as she nodded.  “Deal.”

The next morning he grabbed her playfully as they were going out the door.  “Hey, I was thinking I’d drive today.  How’s that sound?”

She looked at him blankly.  “Do you have money for gas?  That’s why we parked the dinosaur truck in the first place, remember?  It cost so much to fill it up, it was almost empty anyway, four dollars a gallon…”

When he thought about his empty wallet and the stunned look crossed his face, she couldn’t keep herself from grinning.  “Didn’t think so.  Hand me my keys, would you?  Oh, and since I’m driving, we’ll be stopping at the rest area right before the turnoff.”

She made him wait for it, savoring the thought herself.  “You’re going to cut a switch.”

Copyright 2008 by Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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  1. littlesubmissions said,

    I’d just like to say, this may well be the least sexy title ever, and I’m kind of proud of it for that reason.

    Thank you, and yeah, it’s a day early. I had some spare time.

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