June 13, 2008

Wanting It

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He shut his mouth and looked away as she used the leather strap to twirl the ball gag in a circle in front of his eyes.

“You really hate this one, don’t you?”

His head jerked in a nod. “It tastes awful. And the aftertaste lasts about three days, this weird rubber plastic tinge on everything I eat.”

She looked at him, poker faced and considering, then tossed the gag into the far corner of the room. “Stay there, I’ll be right back. I’m going to make you want it.”

He flexed his arms, tied behind him, stretched his legs and tried to move his ankles around in the tight rope loops while she disappeared into the kitchen. Bottles clanked on the counter and he heard the familiar thump of the refrigerator door shutting, then her footsteps coming back.

She slid the cold glass on the bottom of the bottle up his thigh, hiding the label in her hand. He thrust backwards, and tried to shuffle away, but she stepped into him and planted a foot behind his leg. Crushing her body into his, she wrapped her other arm around the back of his neck and pushed him to the floor.

Lying on his back, looking up at her, she moved the bottle around and sat it on his chest. Hot sauce. The other bottles joined it, standing like small glass soldiers in front of his eyes. Soy sauce. Lemon juice. The fancy mustard he hated. Vinegar.

Her hand grabbed his jaw and started to squeeze, the pressure forcing his lips apart. “They’ll go in your mouth, one after the other, unless you have that gag in. And then I’ll go to the store and buy castor oil, whatever else I can find and force them down your throat when I get back. You’ve got five minutes.” She looked at her watch, and slapped him across the face, hard with the flat of her hand. “Go.”

He didn’t need to consider, knew she meant it when she got that hard, flat look in her eyes. When it turned to lust he’d be safer, but for now there was no chance she was bluffing, or could be dissuaded. He was already rolling over as she stood up, scooting towards the gag in the corner. He shoved himself across the rough carpet, feeling it drag across his naked body, until he went to pull his legs forward and jerked to a stop.

He looked back, saw the big ugly army boots she loved planted in front of the rope around his ankles. “Tick tock.” She smiled and brought the whip down on his back, a fiery line making him yelp. “Keep trying to crawl, if I think you’re trying hard enough maybe I’ll let you.”

He hunched up on his face and knees, trying to push himself forward, but couldn’t get any leverage. Whenever he brought his body back so he could shove forward with his legs again, she brought the whip down, the vertical strikes different from the usual horizontal slashes, adding novelty to the pain. The carpet was rubbing his knees and elbows raw, the rough fiber grinding on the skin.

Both their breaths came harder, her panting excitement and his gasps of exertion. She finally moved her foot, and he flew forward, crashing down hard. His breath shot out, and he felt her shove her ankle back in the space between his legs, the loops of rope holding his feet together pulling tight against her heel. And the whip came down as he tried to crawl forward again.

She made him sweat and strain for every torturous inch, until his entire body ached and the whip was just a fiery punctuation on top of the thudding pain already in his muscles. He finally reached the gag, as she was counting down the last ten seconds, scooped it into his mouth and rolled over on his back, showing her.

“Three.” She looked down at him, on his back, covered in sweat and the small fibers from the carpet. She wanted to say something clever, or at least sarcastic, but watching the drool roll from his mouth as he breathed in deep breaths around the red rubber ball clamped in his teeth drove all the words from her head.

She dropped the whip, rolled down her pants and panties all at once, and straddled his face. “Make me cum with that gag, you…”

Her words trailed off as he pushed the hard rubber up her slit until it found her clitoris. Rolling it back and forth, working it around in time with her hips, she fell forward and held herself up with her hands, pushing down on him, grinding in time with his movements.

He bit down harder into the rubber, his neck muscles straining, feeling like a sex toy. His tongue ached to be on her, and instinctively pushed against the ball clamped in his teeth. He could feel the twitches in her thighs and heard guttural sounds coming from deep inside her throat.

He felt her weight shift as she leaned back and grabbed the leather straps of the gag. Leaning back, she pulled hard, dragging his head along. Pushing forward with her cunt and pulling back with her hands, he felt like his jaw was going to break as he held on with his teeth. She rolled back and forth, pushing and pulling against the gag in his clenched jaw while he tried to breathe through his nose and spit dribbled down his chin, pooling and running down his chest.

She finally shuddered and her breath turned into a long hiss, clamping her thighs together around his head and shaking. She pulled her pussy away, and slid down his body, kissing the red rubber still sticking out of his mouth as his head hit the floor with a clunk. They lay side by side, breathing hard and holding one another.

She rubbed his chest, murmured “Good boy,” and pushed on the gag. “This stays in though, I’m not done with you yet.” She hopped to her feet, shucking her pants and underwear off over her ankles. He watched as she slid down his body, grabbed his cock and lowered herself on to it.

She smiled at him, and he he held his head up with burning muscles as she lowered herself on to him, and smiled back. The straps dangled loosely against his cheeks, undone and unnecessary.

Copyright 2008 by Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Tom Allen said,




  2. Vague said,

    “No, Auuuggh, in the back of the throat.”

    Sorry, first thing I thought of. 🙂

  3. Eileen said,

    The story was hot, but the comment is what made me laugh out loud.

  4. stephen said,

    Great stuff.

  5. littlesubmissions said,

    Thank you.

  6. myst3kpyro said,

    That’s incredible. Thanks!

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