July 1, 2008

The Natural

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His fingers wrapped around the soft hair at the base of her skull, pulling it tight until she gasped and then letting up a little. He kissed her over and over, soft passionate contact between their lips, stopping and pulling his head back as soon as they touched firmly. Their kisses came faster, and he tugged hard on her hair as their lips touched, his mouth kissing away the soft gasps exploding from her lips.

“OK, now you do it.” He let go of her hair, gently disentangled his fingers, and put his hands on her hips.

She nodded, took deep breaths, ran her hand over his head, her nails tracing lines through his short cropped hair. “It’s not long enough. I can’t get a grip.”

He leaned his head down, placed it on her shoulder. “Use something else then. Grab the muscles at the back of my neck, or the earlobe. It doesn’t take much, you just want to make them hold their head still and wait for you to kiss them, and not follow you when you move back.”

She moved her fingers further down, felt the tight muscles on the back of his neck. Dug her fingers in and pulled them into a tight line of sinewy flesh. He gasped, and her fingers flew apart. “Was that too hard?”

His fingers found hers, pulled them back to his neck. “No, it was fine. Do it again, but this time don’t let go, OK? Make me hold my head still while you kiss me.”

She licked her lips and watched him close his eyes, pinched and compressed the back of his neck again. Ready for his hard fast breaths this time, she rose up on her toes and kissed his lower lip, feeling his hard exhalations across her face. Her fingers slid across the smooth skin on the back of his neck, and she had to keep pulling the muscles back into her grasp. Soon she had a rhythm, pull the flesh tight, kiss him while he breathed out at the sudden pressure that was so close to pain, wait for her fingers to slip off, grab his neck again, another kiss.

When she stopped and he still gasped anyway, lost in the rhythms she had created in his mind, her knees shook and a slight moan answered him. Her hands moved to his jaw, and she held him for a longer, crushing, passionate kiss. Her tongue snaked out and licked his lips as she moved away, leaving him shaking his head and breathing hard.

“That was… really good.”

“Thanks!” She smiled brightly, let go of his head and rubbed the back of his hands, still resting comfortably on her hips.

He shook his head, composed himself and thought for a second. “OK, ready for some more?”

Her chuckle was low and lusty, deep in her throat. “Oh yeah. Show me some more.”

“OK, most guys are going to be taller than you, but that’s not necessarily a problem. You need to get their head down below yours, so they’re looking up at you. It’ll keep them off balance too, make them easier to control.”

She nodded, licked her lips again. “OK.”

He took her hands in his, placed one on the back of his neck, raised the other and placed it on his inner thigh. “OK, they’re also probably going to be stronger than you, so you need to make them want to be below you. You can do the neck thing again, or use the ears, or even just push down on the top of their head a little, but shirt collars work great for this. I want you to rub my thigh, tease a little higher, but keep from putting any real pressure on me. Make me come to your hand. At the same time, I want you to pull down on my shirt collar. Not too hard, don’t turn it into a fight, just make me stay down once I go down, OK?”

“OK.” She teased her fingers up and down his thigh, starting out hard as far down as she could reach, moving her hand up and taking pressure away until she was barely tracing her fingers across his swelling balls and cock, barely pushing into the space between his testicles, dragging one finger up the length of his cock and weaving a jagged, twisting line back down that he eagerly lowered his hips to follow. She used his shirt collar to hold him down when she made the upstroke, felt the fabric as it tightened against his throat.

He was breathing hard, but made himself remember what they were doing. “OK, good, pull my head down and forward, guys won’t fight it, but you need to keep in control so make sure and hold them back with the shirt if you need to.”

A crease appeared across her forward, and she stopped. “Why won’t they fight it?”

“Boobs!” He silently begged her to get on with it.

A burst of giggles came rushing out of her, and she nodded sagely. “Oh yeah…” She tried to compose herself, fought off another giggle attack, and felt him laughing beneath her now. A few deep breaths from both of them and her hand pulled his collar tight, moved his head slowly down towards her chest while she resumed teasing his groin.

He tried to move his lips down to the soft skin between her breasts, to kiss the thin strip of cloth holding the cups of her bra together and she jerked back hard on his shirt collar. She could feel his quick hot breaths rolling across her, humid and filled with lust, even saw his tongue had started snaking out when she rolled his head around to look up at her. “OK?” She smiled like an imp, all teeth and bad intentions.

“Yeah, good.” He took a few more deep breaths to clear his head again. “Now you’ve got him below you, looking up at you, keep stroking and start kissing again. Same as last time. Just keep it up until you feel his legs starting to get tired, they’ll tremble and cramp up and he’ll try to straighten them. That’s fine, just make sure he keeps his head below you, he’ll bend at the waist if he has to, then you just push and he should go down on his knees rather than fall on his ass.”

She brought her smiling lips down to his, milking the muscles on the back of his neck with her fingers, kissing him while she teased him with her other hand. His hands wrapped around her waist, met behind her and started moving up and down her spine in a rough massage. Fingers quickly found the clasp of her bra, and started to unhook it.

“Hey!” She didn’t think, just stepped away and pushed his head down until he was looking at the floor, grabbed the bottom of his shirt with both hands and pulled. He found himself mummified, the cloth pulled up over his head and yanked over his arms, blinding him and trapping his upper body. “Bad!” She brought her hand down and slapped him hard on the ass, his legs involuntarily straightened at the impact and he shook a little.

“Sorry.” His voice came out muffled by the shirt still covering him from the chest up, and he felt himself flushing. He tried to back out of the shirt, and her hand slapped him hard on the other cheek, stinging through the thin cloth of his underwear. He stopped, held still, thought that she was catching on to this whole thing entirely too fast.

She rubbed her hand down his backside, felt his ass up, slid her hand down the back of his underwear and pulled the front of his boxer briefs tight against his cock. “Well, what now?” Her head felt fuzzy and light, like she was wrapped in a warm blanket and watching herself from outside her body. She was wet, her panties felt like they had soaked through, but she couldn’t make herself hurry. She felt powerful, in control, with plenty of time to enjoy the man crouched down before her. There was no hurry. “What now?” She repeated herself and punctuated the question with a lazy slap on the center of his ass.

He licked his lips, lost in the sensation and the feel of his own wet breath filling the shirt and her hand moving across him. “Well, you seem to have the hang of it. It’s just using their desire to make them do what you want, without giving enough that they’re really fully satisfied, and using that implied promise of more to control them really.” He paused, and shuddered a little at the things she was doing with her hand. His mind went blank, and he practically moaned out the words, “Why don’t you just explore a little?”

She slapped his ass again, felt herself get even warmer. Her hand slid his shorts down, and she watched them fall and splash in a puddle around his ankles. She kept hold of his shirt with her other hand, made him stay bent over while she reached down to his cock, began to gently stroke him. She squeezed and rolled the flesh in her hand, felt him moving in time with her, closed her eyes and let the sensation wash over her, a hot rolling wave of pleasure from controlling him that matched time with his miniature, involuntary thrusts.

Her body was rocking in time with his, and it already seemed like a memory when she felt him start to twitch and contort, and his hips started thrashing violently. Semen traced out in small pools on the floor, and her eyes flew open. “Hey!” She let go of him and jumped back, automatically checking to see if any got on her shoes, while he pushed his arms down, shoving his shirt back into a lopsided tangle around his chest and bracing his hands on his knees.

He stood there gasping while she looked on in shock. The feeling of control was slipping away, like a dream she couldn’t quiet remember, and she reached for it desperately.

“Hey! You’ll have to be punished for that!”

He looked at her, and the look in his eyes, of sudden shame and contrition even as his body kept jerking in pleasure brought the warmth crashing back. She stepped forward when he was done, put her hand back on his neck, brought her lips down and kissed him again, squeezing the muscles harder, more confidently. “You need to be punished, right?”

“Yessssssssssssss…” His gasp turned into a hissed out surrender between her kisses.

“Tell me about that, smart guy.” She was reveling in this feeling now, the idea that he’d teach her how to punish him. She felt like she was totally in control, like she’d woken up and finally realized the power she could have.  Like she was a smirking goddess watching him work closer his way closer until she’d take him at her leisure and devour him.

He swallowed hard, licked his lips. “Just…” She pulled hard at his neck, kissed him again. “Just…” His words came out as harsh pants between her lips’ caresses. “Tell me… to do something… I don’t want to do… but I’ll do… anyway… for you.” He finally finished his sentence, and went back to breathing hard.

“Like?” She wanted to hear him try to talk again, to break up his sentences and make simple speech a lust filled ordeal for him.

He groaned, and almost sank to the floor, just wanting to do it but not say it. Saying it made it seem so much worse, so much filthier. She stopped the kisses, just holding his neck, and he knew he’d have to speak to confess to make this horrible pleasure end.

” You…” Her fingers clamped down and she brought her lips to his. “Could…” They twisted and she bit down on his lip. “Make…” She bit down again, pulled his lips back with her teeth before letting go this time. “Me…” She forced her tongue into his mouth, rudely exploring the space between his teeth. “Lick…” Her lips slammed into his neck this time, working into the skin harshly, twisting and sucking. She heard his fresh, shattered breath and felt her thighs twitch. “It…” Her hands pulled him to her this time, making his lips smash into hers. “Up!” The last word was a shout, forced out of his mouth before her lips found his again, but soft this time, just barely brushing across them before retreating.

She looked down at the cum on the floor. “Yuck.” Her mouth curled, and she looked at him. “You’d do that?”

He nodded, realized that even though her hand was lightly caressing the back of his neck, not holding him, he’d stay there anyway. Wherever, anywhere, she put him.

Her eyes narrowed, and she nodded. “All right, but you volunteered that a little quickly, so first, you’re going to take me out to dinner, and then I’ll find a movie for us to watch. By the time we get back, it ought to be nice and dry, that’ll give your tongue a good work out getting it up off the floor. And by then, this ought to be of some use to me as well.” She squeezed his limp cock, shivered in delight when he gasped.

She turned and walked to the bedroom, strutting with a self-confidence that filled the room. He watched her go, and when she was out of the room pulled his underwear back up and straightened his shirt.

Separately they both thought about what would happen later, and smiled. She was definitely going to be good at this.

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  1. Verity said,

    Another fan checking in. Every story has been a delight. Thank you.

  2. littlesubmissions said,

    You’re welcome. Are you also a Robin Hobb fan by any chance?

  3. NomSecret said,

    Mmmm. Just thought I’d say this is definitely my favourite so far. I like how your people are people (as opposed to genitals with legs as in bad erotica) and that I like your people. 🙂

  4. littlesubmissions said,

    Thanks, I’m fond of my people as well. Which is handy, in a “You always hurt the ones you love the most the most,” sort of way.

  5. Garden Fence said,

    Whole personalities, human and real and full. I adore.

  6. littlesubmissions said,

    Well, when people are used to hole personalities it gets much easier.

    Thanks, I’m here through Tuesday, don’t forget to tip your servers…

  7. Elizabeth said,

    I’m behind in reading, how stupid is that.

    Gosh, this is so sweet. And so *sexy*. I’ll echo the “love your people” sentiment.

    hugs, E

  8. Ferns said,

    Just lovely…

  9. Vague said,

    Elizabeth – Wasn’t it John Lennon who said, “Life is what happens while your internet porn piles up?” And I’m not sure what that means, but the stories’ll be here when you have time. And I think the reason people like my people is that they seem to be actually having fun instead of grudge fucking all the time. That’s my theory anyway.

    Fern – Thanks again, glad you’re still enjoying (and commenting. My ego is always hungry 🙂 ).

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