July 9, 2008


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“I can’t wait to get you home…” He leaned in and whispered to her as they walked to the car, smells of warm bread and seared meat still clinging to their clothes, the warmth of the restaurant fading behind them into the humid night air.

“Can’t you?” Her voice was a silky purr, pitched low. Her hand snaked up and over her shoulder, grabbing his tie and pulling him in close.

His lips found her neck, started to kiss up towards her ear. She let him have enough slack to move higher but kept the tie pulled tight, dragging his head in close, making him lean over and move his body in close to hers, pulling his lips down and then letting him drag them back up.

She jerked forward on his tie, felt his head snap towards her and started walking down the aisles of cars. Her steps were always a little faster than his, pulling him along, making him stoop and shuffle to keep up.

When they reached their car the heel of her boot planted itself and she pivoted, dropping the tie and planting her hands on his shoulders pushing down. “If you’re in such a hurry…”

His eyes moved from side to side, looking to see who was around. Her hands wound their way up his neck to the back of his head, pulling his eyes down to the black leather on her feet. “Kiss them. Now.”

He shook his head but dropped quickly, out of eagerness and embarrassment, hesitation and anticipation, the thought of doing this in public humiliating and tempting. His tongue came out and while he listened for footsteps, tried to look beneath the cars for people who might be approaching, he traced a polished wet line down her instep where the hard sole met with polished leather.

She watched him beneath her, leaned back against the car and idly traced the heel of her other boot down his spine, watching it press his jacket into his back and leave a faint trail of dust on the black material. The pointed heel traced designs randomly while he gently kissed the toe of her other boot, rolled his mouth over the top from side to side and worked his way up.

She licked her lips, planted her foot back on the ground, and nudged his lips over to the other boot. His kisses were more eager now, and she planted the spit shined leather on the back of his head, pushing him down hard. Her foot worked down his skull to his neck to the middle of his back, shoving his body down onto the still warm asphalt of the dirty parking lot. She giggled as he put his hands down to keep his balance, could feel him pushing back up against the boot on his back, trying to get away from the heat seeping through his clothes but still keep his lips on her leather.

She the couple approaching long before he did. Watched them get closer, planted her hands firmly on the car and waited for him to notice their footsteps approaching. When he saw their feet, tried to jerk up, she pushed down hard with the foot on his back, crushing him down to the pavement, the side of his face planted in her instep.


It was the polite greeting of the slightly tipsy couple enjoying a night out. She nodded back politely and smiled, pushing down harder when she felt him struggle, easing up when he surrendered. She tapped her foot against his lips, smiled when she glanced down and saw his pink tongue peeking out and sliding along her instep again.

Their car alarm beeped, headlights came on, and they drove off into the night. She could feel his relieved breath fly out of his lungs through the heel of her boot, and then he was scrambling backwards, standing up. She stood up straight, watched him brush the dirt off his hands off, his face red and flushed.

“That was… they could have seen us damnit.”

She nodded, a slow, careful motion. “Yeah, but they’re gone, and you didn’t finish the second boot.” Her eyes made a pointed downward motion he didn’t notice.

Instead he carefully checked his shirt, fussing where it was stained with the detritus from the pavement. “I’ll do it at home, all right?” His voice was distracted, annoyed.

“Oh really?” Her eyes narrowed, she stepped forward, picked at some of the small pieces of gravel and paper lining his waist. Fingers slid into his pockets, came out with his wallet and keys.

He looked up, started as she dropped the wallet in her purse. She watched his Adam’s Apple roll as he swallowed hard, saw the expression on her face.

She nodded again, mechanically. “It’s a little over three miles home. You’ll be there, bare ass naked and with my boots licked clean in thirty minutes, or you’ll be worshiping my whips instead. For a very long time.”

He looked at her wide eyed as she got in the car, checked her watch, and started the engine. She moved out of the parking lot past him and started the drive home.

He checked his own watch, shook himself back into consciousness and started to run. He had twenty-nine minutes and forty seconds left, and he knew she wouldn’t wait.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. odysseusbound said,

    I think this is my favorite among your stories so far. To me, the build up of anticipation, and those mysterious unknowns, are the key to a great scene. It’s often what’s left to the imagination that gives a story its punch. And the ending of this story, and the build up to it, accomplishes that very effectively.

  2. littlesubmissions said,

    Yeah, I understand what you’re saying. A lot of the time I’m just trying to build a framework for people to hang their own fantasies on, that’s why I avoid names and body descriptions, and will even write what happens before an actual scene. Glad it’s working for you though.

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