July 23, 2008

Pain or Pleasure

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“Pain first, or pleasure?”

She walked her fingers down his tautly stretched arm, across his chest, and back up his other arm until she reached the cotton rope wrapped around his wrist. She wasn’t in a hurry, let him take his time answering. Enjoyed the sweat building up on him, watched him pull against the ropes that held him spread-eagle, clenched her ass tight and rolled her hips, let him feel the weight of her rocking back and forth on his chest.

“Well, pain or pleasure, which do you want first?”

He moaned louder, breathed harder and pulled against the ropes again, tried to prolong the inevitable just a few more seconds. Tried to see out from under the blindfold to the television tray she’d lined things up on while he was stretched out like a sacrifice, blind and helpless.

She slapped him hard across the cheek and leaned in close. “Pain first?” “Or pleasure?” Her lips gently caressed the stinging skin, just barely tasting him before retreating.

“Or shall I choose?” She picked up the crop, let him hear the swoosh it made as it passed through the air.

“Pleasure!” He croaked out the word, and she smiled, licked her lips.

She purred down at him. “You’re still afraid of it aren’t you, even though you love it…” Her lips wandered down and whispered in his ear. “I saw how you acted last time you know. With the belt, I heard you moaning even with the gag, and I saw you thrusting that cute little tush back, wiggling it to get me to hit you harder.”

He shook his head, rolled it back and forth. “No…”

“Yes, yes you do honey. You’re getting excited now, just wondering how I’m going to hurt you. And some day, sooner than you think, you’ll come crawling to me with a whip held in your mouth, ask me to hurt you, then beg me to hurt you even more. You’re really starting to love this, and I love watching you try so hard not to admit it.”

She watched him lick his lips, start to speak, then stop, try to deny it, then stop again.

Her lips brushed across his nipple, teasing gently, tongue snaking out and making slow soft circles while her hand slowly moved over to the tray. His back arched, stretching toward her as he whimpered, then crashed back down as she drove the point of a toothpick into his sensitive flesh, pushing down and twisting hard.

More tender kisses and soft caresses followed, all over his body, alternating with stinging slaps of belts, the burning cold of ice cubes held in steel tongs, then back to feather soft touches and back to thudding pain again until it all blended together for both of them, floating on the sensations deliriously.

When she couldn’t hold back any longer she started riding him, twisting her hips and rocking back and forth to feel him inside her, leaning back with one hand under them to squeeze his balls in time with their rhythm, not alternating the pain and pleasure anymore, just bestowing both at once and reveling in the sound of his moans of pleasure that kept growing louder.

His hips thrust up until the ropes were tight, then locked, and she could feel his spasms insider her. She slammed down hard, and squeezed her hand around his balls, feeling her own orgasm wash over her until they both collapsed, flat on the bed, the sweat from their bodies mingling and their hard breaths in perfect time.

“Was that pain, or pleasure?” She made herself sit up and lean down over him as she asked.

His head rocked back and forth, still fuzzy. “Oh, fucking hell, pleasure.”

“Then pain still has a turn, doesn’t it?” She slid off him, stood at the side of the bed, leaving him alone and exposed, shivering slightly from the sweat still on him.

His jaw twitched, she saw him wince, the bright red flesh and dull bruises starting to ache again now that she’d reminded him. Still, he nodded agreement. “Yes.”

The rope loosened around his wrist, and fell to the floor. The sound of her footsteps traveled to the other side of the bed, and that rope fell while he blindly probed his tortured skin. He slid the blindfold off and his eyes turned to follow her, lines creasing across his brow as she went to the door.

“If you want the pain, you know what to do.” She walked out, without looking back.

He only had to think about it for a second. Untied his feet, then picked up a heavy rubber whip from beside the bed. Held it in his mouth, and started to crawl through the door to find her.

She was waiting. He begged for pain.

She hurt him horribly.

It went beyond pain, beyond pleasure, and became ecstasy for them both..

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Verity said,

    Damn, you write well!!!

  2. littlesubmissions said,

    Thanks very much, I’m a little to close to these to enjoy them as porno, but I do like the process of writing them.

  3. mike said,

    Wow ! I just found your blog and have already read every story and all the comments. Great writing style. As a male sub, I love the relationship between your dommes and subs, loving, lusty, hot. Your subs are strong, your dommes are strong. Thanks. More please !

  4. littlesubmissions said,

    Thanks Mike, glad you’re liking it.

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