August 6, 2008


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She tied him to the chair, yanking his ankles apart and winding cotton rope in tight loops around his lower legs. “Tonight, you’re going to watch me do a striptease.”

“OK, if you say so.” He swallowed hard, scooted back as she pulled ropes around his stomach and chest tight against the back of the chair, letting the cotton strands sink into his flesh.

She laughed in his ear, wrapped the rope around her fist and leaned back to pull it tight. “I wasn’t offering, I was telling. And before I take a piece of clothing off, I’m going to put something on you.” She pulled the end of the rope through a loop, tied it tight around the leg of the chair. “What, no smart comments? Cat got your tongue?” She stood up and wrapped her fingers around his jaw from behind, rocked his face from side to side.

“No ma’am. I mean yes ma’am. I mean…” She slipped her hand up over his mouth and pulled his head back, holding him there until he stopped talking.

“Better. Stay here while I change.” She went into the next room, let the door swing shut behind her. She took her time, let him sweat and wonder. Stripped out of her clothes and then dressed again, modeled for herself in front of the mirror. Tried outfits until she was satisfied, then slicked back her short hair with water from the sink in the adjoining bathroom.

Her bare feet slapped across the floor, loud enough she was sure he could hear them. They stopped at the door, waited again, until she couldn’t take the anticipation any longer and turned the cool metal doorknob and stepped through.

A CD, dropped in in the player. His eyes burned into her back and moved down to the swell of her hips as she found the track she wanted and started the song. Eyes closed, ignoring him, she let herself sway to the bass and drum line in the music.

Her feet danced over to him and slipped behind, moving further as he tried to follow her with his eyes. She swayed into his peripheral vision, then slid to the other side, watched him crane his neck to try and follow her from side to side. Her fingers found a whip from the dresser at the back of his room and she danced back into view, swinging it back and forth in front of her thighs as she got closer to him.

She wrapped the short strands of leather down over his shoulder and let them crash into his chest, the knots slamming into him and forcing out a sharp exhalation. The other side of his chest next, and she undid one button of her shirt while the chorus started.

He kept looking behind to try and see her, and the whip came around his arm to smack into his stomach on his blind side. The left side, then the right, and she slipped another ivory button out of the shirt, and ground her body against the back of the chair.

She kept whipping him, alternating his gasps of pain with whimpers of lust as more of her skin appeared. He rocked in the chair, trying to see her and escape the pain all at once, until she brought the whip down hard, hitting him all over his chest and shoulders, beating him until his chin dropped to his chest and his eyelids clamped down hard. Finally she let her shirt slide down her arms and hit the floor along with the whip.

A cloth bag came out of the dresser and she danced back in front of him, watching him blink the tears out of his eyes while she swayed in front of him, felt herself getting flushed and warm all over. He saw her breasts first, held in the lace bra, and the cloth bag. He pleaded with his eyes as she pulled out the clothespins threaded together with fishing line, and she felt the electric jolt of lust travel down her spine.

The wooden teeth clamped down on the soft flesh of his inner thigh until both zippers were in place, a jagged line of burning pain down his thighs. She danced back from him, started teasing down the stocking on her right leg. The silk reached her ankle, and she leaned down, took hold of the string and her stocking in the same hand.

Teeth appeared and smiled down at him as she rested her foot on the chair between his legs, slid her hand forward to pull off the stocking, then yanked back harshly, pulling the clothes pins off his thighs with a series of sharp snaps.

The ropes held him as he tried to shudder in pain, but didn’t keep the whimpers from climbing out of his throat. She rolled the other stocking down without pausing, picked the string up attached to the pins on his other thigh, and yanked hard immediately, letting more pain wash over him while he was still whimpering from the other, letting the sensations build in both of them.

Her body rolled and ground in front of him while he recovered, then slipped around and came back with a belt, brass tacks shoved through the holes in the leather gleaming and cruel. “You’re wiggling too much.” She threaded the ends through the space between his arms and the chair, pulled it tight against his chest until the points barely started to force dimples into his flesh, then worked the clasp, keeping the belt in place.

Back in front of him, she slipped her bra off, sat on his lap and ground her chest into his. Let her nipples slip up and down, feeling her breasts push the sharp points into him every time they crossed the belt. Their lips crashed together as she traveled up and down, and she could feel him trembling as he fought to keep from pushing against her body harder.

By now they were all that was in the room, moving without thought to the music, feeling each others sweat and heat.

“Do you want me to take off my panties, do you want to see my cunt?” She moaned the words between kisses, and he hissed out a soft, “Yesssss,” that turned into a yelp when she pushed herself away from him, both hands driving the tacks into his chest.

She made herself walk slow, wiggle her hips as she moved out of his view and then back to his front, hiding what she had behind her back. She leaned into his face, smothered him in her tits, and shoved the ice pack hard against his crotch. He jumped, the belt tightened and he slammed his hips back down the short distance they could travel. She could feel his thighs shaking as the cold seeped into his cock and it started to soften and shrink while he took short, gasping breaths and whimpered against her skin.

When he was soft, she let the cold pack slide off and wrapped the bracelet around his dick. He felt the blunt teeth tightening against him, and felt the click of the lock through his entire body. She leaned back, let him see the metal sleeve that would make any erection horribly painful as dull metal points pressed against him.

Both were breathing hard, his eyes clamped shut and down, hers wide open and staring at him.

“Open your eyes.”

“Open your eyes.”

“Open your eyes.”

Her words eventually reached him, and he looked up, opened his eyes as she slid her panties down her thighs. They hit the floor and she stepped out of them as he groaned and twisted in the chair.

“Keep your eyes open.” He nodded wearily, and the CD reached the end of the song, went back to the beginning, and started again. “Keep them open, until the song is over.”

He raised his eyes to her, and nodded.

She started to dance again.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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  1. Verity said,

    You don’t disappoint. LOL Delightful!!!

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