August 27, 2008

Cheap Thrills

Posted in stories tagged at 3:19 am by littlesubmissions

She had a love for improvisation.

That’s where the hood came from, a passion for turning common things and everyday objects into kinky toys. The idea that he wasn’t safe from some particular torture just because the usual implements were sold on the internet or in the sex shops downtown for a few hundred bucks made her rub her thighs together. The thought that there were things all around him she could use to hurt him, that the simple objects he walked by every day could make him cringe and squirm and moan and beg, that some day everything in the world might be a reminder of the power she had made her want to slide her fingers down her panties.

She was looking for a rag when she found the hood. Just an old stocking cap thrown in the odd clothes drawer, the kind that didn’t have the eye holes that would make it a ski mask. A simple watch cap made out of heavy cloth.

Behind him, she’d pulled it down over his face, felt him tense up and swallow hard. Dragged down the front until it covered his mouth, then hooked it below his chin. Started wrapping electric tape in tight, short loops around his face, pulling the cloth hard against his skull.

Hot breath filtered through the cloth and moved across her hand when she pulled the tape tight into the groove made by his lips, pulling his jaw open and holding it there, cinching the tape down tight over the cloth between his teeth. Working her way up and down, across the bridge of his nose and looping down to catch his neck. Across one eye and then the other in a rounded X pattern. She finally broke the tape off with a snap, worked the end under one of the black loops, and pulled his head back tight against her chest.

Her fingertips ran across his smothered features, his face muted and blank. No expressions, no pleading eyes or trembling lips. Everything she did to him would look the same on this featureless black skull, no matter what he felt.

He’d never been very vocal, but now… She wondered if he’d try to tell her how much it all hurt when his garbled and muffled voice was all he had left, or if he’d still suffer silently. Asked herself which would soak through the heavy cloth first, his drool, his sweat, or his tears. Tried to decide if he’d be able to tell which part of her body she was rubbing across his covered lips.

Thought about what she’d do to him if he guessed wrong. Smiled and picked the stapler up off the desk.

She had a love for improvisation.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Verity said,

    Loved this one, as well…………

  2. littlesubmissions said,

    Thanks Verity, I think I might have a bit of a MacGyver fetish…

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