October 8, 2008

Calling Back.

Posted in stories tagged at 6:45 am by littlesubmissions

He turned the twist tie into a long series of knots, wrapping the wire into a loop then forcing it through itself until it broke in half. Dropped it in the garbage, washed the dishes in the sink, and looked at his cell phone.

Checked voice-mail again to make sure she hadn’t left a message.

Cleaned out the back of his car, and threw a half-load of laundry in the washing machine. Vacuumed.

Went to clean the bathroom, and stopped in front of the mirror.

Lifted his shirt, twisted his neck to see the welts on his back.

Reached over himself to trace the abraded skin.

Looked at the bruises from her teeth on his shoulders, fading away already.

Remembered how hard it had been to lie still while she ground her teeth into his body, how she had roughed up his hair and held him afterwards.

Called her back.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Verity said,

    OOOH……………..I’m becoming addicted to your writing.

  2. Ferns said,

    Lovely, V.

    Perversely, I like the way he does all the housework instead of, say, going for a drive, or otherwise occupying himself.


  3. littlesubmissions said,

    Verity – Yay for addiction! Well, of the literary variety anyway.

    Ferns – When I have something I’m putting off, I tend to do housework that I’ve been putting off. You can pretty well track how long my “to-do list” is by how many times I’ve cleaned the shower recently. True fact!

  4. Ferns said,


    Perhaps you should come to my house, you know, next time you have something you want to put off. I am happy to help… I am incredibly generous like that.


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