October 15, 2008

How She Tastes.

Posted in stories tagged at 3:44 pm by littlesubmissions

“You really hope I’m going to let you taste my cunt, don’t you?” She rolled fingers across his hair, using the short strands to push and pull his head to look at him from different angles.

He tried to nod, but her hand clamped down and pushed his head back. “Yes please.”

“Come on. Keep your clothes on, on your hands and knees.” She walked cross the room, bare feet leaving tracks in the carpet that disappeared almost instantly while he crawled behind her, trying to keep up.

She jerked her head at the tub and pulled one leg of her pants off without looking at him. “Get in. I don’t care how, but get on your knees.”

Cold ceramic pushed up into his knees as her panties hit the wall above the hamper, hanging off the edge of the dirty clothes like a surrender flag. She stepped in, and looked down at him.

He licked his lips.

The exhaust fan hummed above them.

She leaned over, put one hand over his mouth, pinched his nostrils shut with the other. He jerked his head, then made himself stay still and look up at her eyes, pleading.

“Go ahead, fight. Try to breathe.”

He started to roll his head, rocking it back and forth to move her hands enough to get some air. She leaned into him, pushed her hand into his mouth harder. His legs slid on the slick white tub, and he shoved his arms against the side to hold himself up and kept jerking his neck back and forth, trying to breathe.

When she felt him getting frantic, saw his hand start to move up towards her own, she let go and stepped into him. Her hands found the back of his head, and pulled his face between her legs, leaving him just enough space to breathe.

He was drawing in a breath and sticking out his tongue when hot, acrid liquid splashed down his face and into his mouth.


She let him fall back in the tub, rubbing his hand across his mouth and looking at her with wide eyes.

“Back on your knees.”

He shoved himself back up, tried not to think about the taste of what was in his mouth, and looked up at her. All the erotic thoughts he’d had of this moment fled, of her writhing in uncontrollable pleasure, crushing his head between her thighs as she moaned and panted frantically, were washed out of his mind. His shoulders slumped and he looked away from her cold, alien eyes.

“We’re not done yet, but you’re way too gross to touch. Covered in piss. That shirt is probably ruined. Or not. Maybe I’ll make you wear it anyway. It can be a reminder of how getting what you want can still fuck you in the ass.”

He closed his eyes.

She shook her head. “Take a deep breath, then hold it as long as you can. If I think you’re not holding it long enough I’ll get the spider gag and a funnel.”

His eyes opened and found hers, somehow getting wider as she nodded. “And maybe I’ll even have you start pissing in a jar. You like to help so much, maybe helping with your own punishments will teach you that there’s a time and a place for enthusiasm.”

He took a deep breath and pressed his lips shut tightly while she shifted her feet to avoid the piss running slowly towards the drain. “We’ll do this until my bladder’s empty. You can sleep in the tub tonight, no washing off. We’ll do it again in the morning.”

The tips of her fingers found the crown of his head, carefully checked to make sure it was still dry. Satisfied, they clamped down hard and forced his head back.

His face was turning red as she moved her own close enough to see his eyes tearing up, wet drops running down his cheeks and mixing with her piss.

“But first I want you to inhale, and with your very first breath tell me how my cunt tastes.”

His mouth flew open and he sucked in all the air he could.

“It tastes wonderful, God, it tastes wonderful…”

“I know baby, I know.” She pulled his head closer and felt the warmth flow through her as he flinched but held his head against her cunt. “That’s why I won’t let you taste it very often.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Mike said,

    WOW ! You are a really good writer. Thanks. Want to quit your day job and write this stuff all day. Finding good bdsm writing in very, very difficult even if you search the book stores. Love this longer piece. More ! More ! Please.

  2. littlesubmissions said,

    Thanks Mike, but sadly the pay isn’t really good enough to quit my day job.

  3. Ferns said,

    Hello V,

    If I give you a $1.50, does that help..?

    I like that you are going beyond here… GS is sexy only very rarely (to me), I think you hit it pretty well.


  4. Verity said,

    Your talent grows!!!

  5. littlesubmissions said,

    Not really… with the current economy I’m considering asking to be paid in canned food and toilet paper instead of cash…
    Also, GS? Graphic sex? Gloomy Sasquatch? Grated Sopranos?

    Thanks, I’m trying to figure out if mixing the more emotional stuff with the hardcore will work or not. Or if I can make it work. Right now the more emotion focused writings seem to get more comments, but the hardcore sex gets more hits. So I’m trying to smoosh them together…

  6. Verity said,

    comments vs hits? Hmmmmmm

  7. Ferns said,

    “…the more emotion focused writings seem to get more comments, but the hardcore sex gets more hits…”

    Interesting… that’s because the ones who love the hardcore sex are at heart terribly shy… aren’t you boys and girls…?

    “GS” – golden showers (was that a serious question? When in doubt, take it seriously…).


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