October 29, 2008

Showing Him

Posted in stories tagged at 2:55 am by littlesubmissions

She traced the lines across his face made by tense muscles, dragging the tip of her finger along creases, teasing his eyelid up then letting them fall back down.

“Hey, wanna see my tits?  I’m unbuttoning my shirt now, and taking off my bra.  Oooh, and now I’m rubbing my nipples, and they’re getting so hard…”

She watched his eyelids flash open, then close again as his head jerked to the side.  Her laughter mixed with his moan of fear.

“Oh, poor baby.  Did you see the hurty thing too?  I guess it was sort of right there wasn’t it?  Well we’re going to start off with it, and we’re not going to stop until you convince me to let you clean it with your tongue.  Course the longer I use it the worst it will taste.  Guess I’d start begging very, very quickly if I were you.  But that’s just the start.”

He shoved himself back harder into the wall and wrapped his arms around his knees.  She found what she was looking for in her bag, switched items, and started bouncing the new toy in her palm.  Sat down on the floor and ran her toes across the tops of his feet until his breathing slowed down.

“Hey baby, wanna see my cunt?”

Copyright Jerry Jones.  Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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