November 19, 2008

What Was For Dessert?

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“Dessert?”  Her smile peeked at him over her steepled hands.  She’d eaten quickly, refused seconds, sat sipping iced tea and watching him finish his meal.  Rocked back and forth on the chair when she was sure he was looking, ground her thighs together and teased herself hotter with the look of fear creeping across his face.

“Sure, please.”  She laughed at his worried  grin and grabbed her plate, moved behind him and slid one hand through his hair while she picked up his plate with the other.  His place clear she pushed on the back of his head, shoving his face down to the table.


She let her fingers linger in his hair, felt his shudders run through the tips up her arm and into her mind, then down her back and into her cunt.  She felt her panties getting wet, made herself back away from him and moved to the sink.

“Is this what you thought it would be like when I took away your cock?”  She dropped the dishes in the sink and looked over her shoulder at his back.

“No ma’am.  It’s been much harder.  More difficult I mean.”  His voice was muffled by the table, and she saw his hands locked on the edge of the chair, knuckles turning white.

“That’s good baby, that’s good.  I’d hate to think it was easy for you.”  She ground herself into the edge of the counter, dragging the point up and down her slit, using it to push the cloth of her panties in circles around her clit.  “I mean, do you have any idea how often I’ve masturbated with the key to your cock?  Seems like every five minutes I’ve got that necklace wrapped around my knuckles, pushing the little silver key that keeps you from having orgasms inside of me, rubbing it on my cliiiiiiiiiit.”  She dragged the word out, making it last until he stopped shuddering and slumped forward.  She imagined his face contorted, eyes clamped shut, trying to deal with his frustration by focusing on anything but the thought of her smashing her fingers into her cunt.

She grabbed something out of the freezer and dropped it in a bowl.  Walked back to him and petted his hair some more.

“I couldn’t do that today, because I found another use for your key.  I mean, it still gets me off, just not as directly.”  She felt herself getting wetter and her words came faster.  “I took the key and put it in a condom, then filled the condom up and put it in the freezer.  Your key’s stuck in a block of ice babe, and it’s all yours for the rest of the day if you can get it out before I cum.  You just have to lick and suck that ice away, and then you can have an orgasm.  I might even help you come if you do a really good job.”

She set the bowl down in front of him, still holding his face to the table.  “The webpage said you could boil the water and get rid of the cloudy texture in your ice dildo.  I didn’t bother doing that, I hope you don’t mind?”

“No ma’am, I don’t mind.”  She could hear him forcing his breathing into a regular rhythmic pace, and tightened her fist in his hair.

“I used my piss instead of water anyway.”

She could feel him shaking under her and wrapped her arms around him.  “Shhh, shhh.  Good boy.  You’re going to do this for me.  Going to lick and suck that frozen piss until your key comes out while I watch and masturbate.  You’re going to shove it down your throat until you gag, and slide your tongue up and down until it feels like your whole mouth is frozen solid.  You’re going to put the most cock-desperate whore to shame with what you’re going to do, because you want to please me.”

She felt him shuddering underneath her, heard him sobbing and trying to breathe.  She knelt down beside him, and moved his face gently until it was in front of hers.

“Come on now, calm down.  You had the emergency key, could have unlocked yourself anytime.  Why didn’t you?”

She saw him relax, felt him shove his fear down inside him.  “I wanted my orgasm to have some kind of  meaning, after having it taken away so long ma’am.”

“That’s right.  And if you can do this for me, it will really make me happy.”  She nodded at him and gently kissed his lips.  “Now do you have something you want to ask me?”

She met his eyes, and nodded as he closed them and smiled a little.

“May I please have dessert ma’am?”

Copyright Jerry Jones.  Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. nichts_mehr_so said,

    Wonderful. I love your short shortstories.

  2. littlesubmissions said,

    Thanks much.

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