November 26, 2008

The Scientific Method

Posted in stories tagged at 7:32 am by littlesubmissions

She wrapped her arms around him tightly and pulled his back into her chest.  She rocked both their bodies back and forth, laying her head on his shoulder and purring in his ear.

“I want to know just how desperate you are… so we’re going to do an experiment.”

Her hands moved up his neck and found his face, one clamping down firmly on his mouth and the other pinching his nostrils shut.

“You can jerk off, or you can breathe.  Not both.”

She looked down, shuddered and sighed in lust as he started to masturbate.

“If you stop to breathe, we’ll wait until you’re totally soft before you can start again.”

Her crotch ground into him as she felt his muscles twitch and jerk as he frantically tried to get himself off, fought against the searing heat in his lungs.

“When you want to breathe, just stop jerking off.  If you can.”

She pulled his head back, tighter against her, cutting off any chance for air.

They rolled in a deep, sexual rhythm as he tried to orgasm before he ran out of oxygen.  It was so close, he could feel it on the edge of his body, almost there, when he threw up his arms in defeat and she pulled her hands away from his mouth.  He sucked in air, gasping and leaning back against her, exhausted as his orgasm danced away.

She ran her fingers through his hair, and looked over at the chart on the nightstand.  “Not a very good time I’m afraid.  Go get me the clothespins please.”

Blinking hard, still pulling in gulps of air, he looked at her with wide eyes and an open mouth.

She shrugged and smiled at him.  “Don’t blame me honey.  It’s science.”

Copyright Jerry Jones.  Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Ferns said,

    God, that’s nice! I do love that position especially, being against him from behind. I probably would have let him try again, just because it’s so damn hot.

    Do you think he would have made it the second time?


  2. littlesubmissions said,

    Thank you Ferns, but we don’t “think” in science. Grab your guy and do some experimentation. And remember, many trials make for accurate data.

  3. Mike said,

    That is a really wonderful image you created

  4. littlesubmissions said,

    Thanks Mike.

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