December 3, 2008


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He tried to remember how many hours he’d spent on the bed in the exact position she was in right now.  The classic spread eagle pose, arms and legs tied to the corner posts, pillows shoved roughly behind her head forcing her eyes to look down at her nude body.

He usually wasn’t smiling though, certainly not the Cheshire Cat grin on her face anyway.

She laughed, rolling her head back as far as she could, and then shaking her head at him.  “The look on your face is priceless.  But don’t worry, I’ll explain.  Sit down, on the end of the bed.”

He slid onto the end of the bed, between her legs, forcing his eyes to her face, away from her wet cunt.

“I know, you’re confused.  But I wanted to give you a shot.  A chance to do all the things to me I’ve ever done to you.  I mean, look at me here.  All tied up, helpless.  I won’t fight you, or try to stop the scene.  My limits are the same as yours are when you bottom, everything else is fair game.”

“Everything else.”

“You know where all the toys are.  You can use anything in there.  All the times I’ve swatted clothespins off your nipples, this is your chance to do that to me.  All the times I’ve twisted and pulled your cock until you thought it was going to fall off, this is your chance to take that dildo and ram it up my cunt until I scream myself hoarse.  That butt plug you hate is in there.  You can shove it up my ass and make me thank you for the privilege, try to shove your whole hand up my cunt if you want.”

“Look at my cunt.  Doesn’t it look so slutty, with my legs spread open, displaying it like this?  Don’t you want to just beat my cunt so hard the drops of girl cum jump off my thighs?  Look at it!  Don’t you want to come in my panties and shove them in my mouth?  Ram your cock into my face until I gag and almost vomit, until tears and drool are running down my face, splattering on my tits?  Drag me into the bathroom and piss in my hair while I finger my pussy?  Get me right to the edge then tell me not to come?  Make me beg for an orgasm while I lick your boots and crawl on the floor like a dog?”

“Because this is your chance.”  Her voice dropped, became softer, gentle.  “Look at me baby.”

His eyes jerked away from her cunt to her face, and their eyes locked.

“No paybacks, I won’t hold a grudge, whatever you do.”

His breathing got harder and he licked his lips.  “No matter what?”

“No matter what.”  She shrugged.  “Unless I’m lying.”

His eyes got wide, and he looked from her to the dresser with the toys and back again.

“But I promise I will submit to you tonight, no lie there, and there might be consequences or not, but do you really want to miss this chance?  All the things I’ve teased you with and denied you, you can do in one night.  Until sunrise, my ass, mouth, cunt, tits, and everything else is yours for the taking.”

He licked his lips, and walked to the side of the bed.  Looked down at her, limbs pulled tight, eyes watching him seriously, licking her lips in anticipation or nervousness.  He couldn’t tell which.  “Shut your eyes.”

She could still hear him as darkness slammed down, felt his breath get closer.  Then his lips came down on hers, wrapping around her bottom lip and pulling, pushing back down, gently caressing then moving away.

She felt his fingers working the knot around her hand loose, then another kiss.  Slower, lazier, it lingered around her mouth while he held her free arm down with his hand.

Then nothing.

She waited.  Started to breathe a little harder, strained to hear something in the room.

“Open your eyes.”

She looked over, wasn’t surprised to see him kneeling by the side of the bed, head own, eyes closed and on the floor.  Her free hand found his hair, pulled him up and across the bed for another kiss.

“You sure?  This might be a once in a lifetime chance.”

“Yes ma’am.”

She felt him shake when he said the words, and gently moved her hand through his hair.  “Untie me then.  Because you are so incredibly fucked right now, you can’t begin to imagine it.”

He moved to the foot of the bed, working the knot around her ankle loose.  The rope dropped to the floor, and neither of them spoke, or looked at the other.

She thought of him moaning and trying not to scream as she sank her teeth into his flesh, and he thought of her leaning down over him, how hard it would be to force himself to keep his eyes on her, so she could see all the pain in his face.  And if a part of them wondered if he’d made the right choice, they set it aside for now, and just enjoyed what they had in that moment.

Copyright Jerry Jones.  Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Verity said,

    Truly lovely!

  2. littlesubmissions said,

    Thanks Verity, how’ve you been?

  3. Verity said,

    I’ve been great, thanks for asking.

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