December 18, 2008

Going Out

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“You hungry?”

“Yeah, very.”

She smiled, grabbed a jacket and her keys.  “Grab your shoes, I’ll drive.  But you have a choice to make.”

“What’s that?”  He watched her bend over and pull her own shoes on, saw her wiggle her ass just a little more than was necessary before she stood back up and spun around.

“Would you rather eat supper or get me off with a dildo?”

“Huh?”  He shook his head and looked at her with a scrunched up face.

She giggled.  “You can eat tonight, or you can use a dildo to get me off.  Not both.  Choose quick, or you won’t get to do either one.”

He swallowed hard and nodded quickly.  “I’d like the dildo one please, ma’am.”

“Me too, I hope.”  She smiled and pointed at his feet.  “Get your shoes, you’re still going.  You can drink water and keep me company.  Unless, you’d give up water to use your mouth too?”

She arched an eyebrow as he leaned against a corner and stopped pulling on a shoe.  His eyes slid shut and he gave the briefest of nods.  The decisions was easier this time.  “Yes ma’am.  I’d like to give up water too, please.”

She walked over, stood in front of him.  Ran her hand over his head, gently petting.  “You’ve given up water and food already.  What about words?  What should I offer you for that?”

He whimpered and leaned forward, lowering his head and bringing it closer to her hand.  His foot slid down and hit the floor, his lips moving but not making any sound.

“What if I let you lick your cum off my boots?  Would you sit just there, silently, not saying a word, not eating, not drinking, waiting patiently to be used like the vibrator I keep in my purse?  Would you do that until we got home and you made me come, just so you could jerk off on my boots and lick away your disgusting filth?”

He nodded quickly, eyes closed and breathing harsh and quick.

“Then put your other shoe on.  We’re going out.”

Copyright Jerry Jones.  Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. littlesubmissions said,

    Sorry I’m late, real life was being difficult. To make it up some, here is the special never before seen alternate ending…

    He nodded quickly, eyes closed and breathing harsh and quick.

    “Then put your other shoe on. We’re going out.”

    “Yes ma’am. Aw! Shitfuckdamnit! Hey, it starts when we get in the car right?”

  2. Verity said,

    Damn!!! Hot! Hot! Hot!

  3. NomSecret said,

    Mmmmm, me likes. And the alternate ending. Especially the alternate ending.

  4. littlesubmissions said,

    Verity – If it only it were hot enough to melt all this damned ice… 😉

    NomSecret – Thanks, sometimes I have a hard time knowing when to shut up and end a story. Looks like maybe I went the other way this time. 🙂

  5. Ferns said,

    I love her, she’s great! I’m totally stealing this idea… I shall credit you in the aftermath…

    And “ma’am” again… you know I love that


  6. littlesubmissions said,

    Enjoy your meal, Ferns. 🙂

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