December 31, 2008


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He took off his clothes, stacked them neatly on the dresser and crawled towards her naked.  Waited on his hands and knees in her peripheral vision until her typing paused, and she looked down at him with a faint grin.

“You want me to open the cage for you?”

He nodded, exhaled in short gasping sounds that were almost moans.

She went back to typing, fingers gliding across the keys of the laptop.  “It’s disgusting, how you can’t control these simple urges.”  She could see his profile, how his eyes were closed tight and his jaw clenched.  “When I bought the cage I really thought it might help you control yourself, learn at least some restraint.  But instead it just made you worse.  Being treated like an animal, jerking off in a cage like something less than human, locked in and left there with the evidence of your filthy habits drying on your hands and stomach, it just made you that much more eager to play with yourself.”

“Didn’t it?”

She waited for his slow nod before she clicked the program closed, then stood up and continued.

“So we’re going to keep trying until we find something that will help you learn to behave less like a whore in heat.”

Her hand clenched in his hair and pulled him across the carpet, dragging him towards the cage.  He scrambled to keep up, and she kept moving fast enough to drag his head up by the fistful of hair.

“I thought about gagging you, making you drool all over yourself while I shoved a plug in your ass.  Maybe one of the cute ones with a tail attached, but I spent all that money on the cage and you just seem to want to jerk off more than ever now, so I decided to be more economical.”

She kicked the wire door to the cage open, jerked him around in a rough circle and made him back in, the wire bars cutting into his knees already.  His head had barely cleared when she shoved the door shut and closed the padlock.  He looked up at her through the tic-tac-toe board of wire bars, their house with all the trappings of civillization behind her while he crouched naked in a cage, waiting for permission to play with himself.

She knelt down, and looked into his eyes.  “No more swallowing, and no spitting.  Your drool is going to build up in your mouth and run down your chin.  You’re going to slobber all over yourself like the disgusting animal you are.  And you’re going to shove a finger up your ass while you do it, more than one if you can.  That ought to get your ass wagging better than a real tail anyway.”

He nodded along with her, already feeling the saliva filling the corners of his mouth.

“Understood?  Speak!”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Good boy.”

Copyright Jerry Jones.  Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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