January 15, 2009


Posted in stories at 1:00 am by littlesubmissions

She  tied the ribbon around his neck, pulling the end through the knot until the slack disappeared and it pulled tight.  A thin white line from his neck back to the door handle.

“Keep it tight, but be careful.   It’ll break if you pull too hard.  And stick out your tongue as far as you can.”

She rolled onto the bed and smiled as she slid her hips closer to him.  Flipped her skirt up and slid her panties down her legs.  Inched down slowly until his tongue barely touched her cunt, then scooched back up the bed with a sigh.

She pulled a pillow under her head and looked down at him,  drool already starting to trace a trail from his tongue down to the sheets.  “Watch me.  And don’t break the ribbon.  Because…”  She exhaled hard and started to move her hips closer to his face before pulling back.

“If you do, I won’t punish you.  Won’t do anything.  We’ll go on like it never happened.  And if you don’t break the ribbon…”

She slid a finger inside herself and pulled it out, wiping it off on his tongue.  “If you don’t, nothing changes either.  No big reward for you.  All that will happen is it will get me off, knowing you did it just because I told you too.  That it wasn’t what I could do for you, that you did it just because I told you to.”

She paused, and looked down at him.  “So you going to break that ribbon?”

“No ma’am.”

Copyright Jerry Jones.  Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Verity said,

    Truly delightful.

  2. littlesubmissions said,


  3. Verity said,

    Your welcome *grins*

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