March 11, 2009


Posted in stories at 12:31 am by littlesubmissions

She savored his gasps and felt twitches deep inside her at the tiny choking sounds he made as she inflated the plug in his ass.  When the bulb just hissed air she dropped it, pulled him up and back in to her, held him tight.

She stroked his hair, made soothing sounds until she felt him relax.  “You can take it out, but only I can deflate it.  So you’re going to crawl over to the mirror, and try to pull it out.  Take your time, I’m going to be sitting here, playing with my cunt, masturbating myself to your pain.  You can come back, and I’ll let a little air out… but I’m also going to hurt you for interrupting my pleasure.  And your pain.  Which is really the same thing I suppose.  Maybe clothespins on your cock, maybe I’ll use the chopsticks on your tongue, or maybe I’ll just beat the shit out of you with the liquid cane.  So I think you want to try really hard to get that plug out in as few tries as possible.”

She petted him some more, felt him sinking into her arms, the gentle rocking motions that meant he was becoming hers, falling into that space where he only wanted to please her.  She pulled him tighter, rocked her hips against his back, and felt his hand move up over his shoulder to gently stroke her hair as she buried her face in his shoulder.

She sighed, and pulled back hard enough she could feel his breath deep in his chest.  “As soon as I can make myself let go of you.”

Copyright Jerry Jones.  Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Ferns said,

    Jesus V, are you spying on me?

    The little touches are perfect, the holding, the rocking, the hair touching, the gentling him into that deeper submission. It is not the acts, it is the *other* things that reveal you, that I can so relate to, and that you get just about perfect every time.



  2. littlesubmissions said,

    No, not spying on you at all. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.


    And thank you.

  3. femsup said,

    Oh such tender loveliness.”the gentle rocking motions that meant he was becoming hers, falling into that space where he only wanted to please her.”

    Perhaps he will be rocking back and forth with the pain of the pegs on him.You know like mad people do or the religious.Mad with the pain.mad with the religion that is you.

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