April 1, 2009

Not Taking

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Her knee slammed into his balls, strangled chokes died in his throat and he tried to slump to the floor.  Her fist pulled him up by the hair instead, and the cold methodical question continued.

“What will you give me to stop this?”

The barest second before her knee crashed upward and his eyes bulged out.

Trying to think through the pain, of anything he hadn’t already given her, of something that would make it stop, he blurted out the only thought the pain left in his head.

“I’ll never take you for granted!”

Her knee stopped, halfway up.  “What?”

“I’ll never take you for granted?  Ma’am.”

She let her foot settle on the floor and laughed.  “Ah, that’s really sweet.  And I’ll never take you for granted either.  But I’m not sure how to work that into the scene.”

He laughed, looked down and shut his eyes.  “I’ll… uhm… go down on you with a plug in my ass?”  The words trailed off, hesitantly.

She looked him over carefully, cocked her head and pursed her lips.  “You’d do that anyway, filthy whore.”

He tensed up, breath already becoming harsh and ragged.

“But I suppose you deserve some credit for not taking me for granted.”  She kissed his head gently, and pulled him towards the bed.

Copyright Jerry Jones.  Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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  1. femsup said,

    Oh do love those ball busting moments.Like too when the knee is withdrawn hovering cocked like a trebuchet about to unfurl and hurl herself into my balls.

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