April 8, 2009

His Treat

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:21 pm by littlesubmissions

She leaned back and closed her eyes while the manicurist cut dead skin from around her cuticles.  She imagined his frustrated moans and pain-filled whimpers until the sounds filled her head, pictured him chained to the footboard of the bed, arms spread wide and on his knees where she had left him before quickly showering and going out.

Chain links pressing into flesh and holding him up while drool piled behind the ring in his mouth, collected, and then slowly rolled out and slid down his chest.  A trail of liquid working down the body she had taken away from him, a clear path tracing lines and showing where he had shifted to try to ease the pain.

She wondered if it had reached his cock yet, or rolled to the side and down his hips instead.  Wondered if his muscles had started to spasm, if he was twitching and jerking helplessly, or still trying to flex them as far as he could in the chains, to keep the pain away.

A drop of oil on each toe of her left foot and she fished his wallet out of her pocket.  Counted through the green bills and made sure there was enough to pay for the pedicure and a tip.  She thought about stopping for a cup of coffee on her way back…

Why not?  It was his treat…

Copyright Jerry Jones.  Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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