April 29, 2009

Give and Take

Posted in stories at 11:39 pm by littlesubmissions

“Laying there you look so… cute. God, I don’t even want to kick you in the head.”

He laughed and rolled over to look up at her as she frowned down.

“Usually I just want to take things away from you. Your mouth, your hands, your eyes, shove a plug up you and take away your ass. But right now you’re just so fucking… cute.” She pulled the word out of a smile, and let it drip venom between them.

He stretched and laughed, slowly writhing on the floor at her feet.

She snorted a laugh. “Fine, if you insist, go get the toys. Just this once, I’ll let you decide what you want to give me.” She arched an eyebrow, gave her voice an utterly insincere air of imperiousness. “You don’t even have to crawl.”

He pushed himself upright and disappeared into the bedroom, came back with two large plastic totes, heavy metal and black vinyl objects shifting and rolling inside them. His knees hit the floor in front of her, and the totes slid to a stop at her feet with his head resting on them, looking up. “I’d give you everything ma’am.”

She looked down at him, and shook her head. “Oh, thank you. But that is so not helpful right now.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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