May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

Posted in stories at 12:30 pm by littlesubmissions

She pulled down, hauling him up until he was suspended horizontally above her. Tied the rope carefully to a hard point, and stepped back to admire her work.

The gag forced his mouth open, uncontrolled saliva slipping over his lips, forming lazy white line rivers as it fell to the floor. “Stick out your tongue.” She slipped a clothes peg over it, letting springs slowly press down into the pink flesh. Another peg on the side, and again directly across, a triangle of pressure that he panted and drooled around.

The pegs continued down his flesh, tracing lines across his chest, pushing into nerve endings, closing on nipples and thighs, reminding him he was helpless meat. She carefully lined them up on his cock and balls, shifting them to exact positions, watching each fall and pull skin and making minute adjustments until they were perfect.

Sweat running across his face and pooling with spit by the time she was done. Fingertips tenderly stroked his hair and she spoke around his gasps of pain. “Shhh… it’s ok. Now I want you to listen to me carefully… I have two bags, one for each hand. As much as I’d leave to beat you until your stomach explodes and your intestines are laying in a pile on the floor, that’d be kind of messy. And fatal. So I’m going to give you these bags, and you’re going to try to hold onto them like a good pinata until all the clothes pegs are knocked off. If you can’t, well, it’s not candy in these bags… and I think I might want to play with my new toys right away. Understand?”

He started to nod and a strangled yelp leaped out of his throat as the clothes pegs shifted. Forcing himself to stay still until the sharp bites turned back into dull throbs, he choked out a garbled “Yeshhh mooam.”

Her hand stroked his hair softly, and she stood on tiptoes to kiss him behind the ear. “Good, I’m going to put goggles on you now, so you don’t accidentally get hit in the eye. Then I’m going to get our guests from the other room, and we’ll start. I’m very proud of you.”

She slipped the rubber strap carefully over his head and pulled the goggles down over his eyes. “Happy Cinco de Mayo, boy.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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  1. femsup said,

    Fabulous idea to use him that way.The juxtaposition of her care for him with the stroking of the hair and the care for his eyes with the googles with the attention to her sadistic ideals in placing the pegs just exactly as she wants them.Can imagine the pain as she constantly re adjusts them.

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