May 13, 2009

Meta Again

Posted in stories at 2:07 pm by littlesubmissions

“So how’s it coming?”

“It’s not, really. I made a grocery list though. Do we need milk?”

She rested her hands on his shoulders, rocked him back and forth in the chair slowly. “Yeah, we need milk. What’s the problem with the story?”

“Just can’t figure out… I want to write about a scene where she makes him keep the bottom of his tongue on her clit, perfectly still, and uses the Hitachi on the top of his tongue to vibrate through until she gets off…” He shrugged. “I guess it’s more of a fantasy than a story or even a scene. It reads like a recipe no matter how I write it. I don’t even know if it would work.”

“Huh.” She pursed her lips, and the slight crease in her forehead appeared when she was thinking something over. “OK, I’ll help. Go get the Hitachi. If this gets me off, you’ll sleep in the closet with the rest of the sex toys and then you can finish this in the morning. If not, I’ll find something very unpleasant to do to you… Either way, you should have a story in the morning.”

His head rolled back, and smiled up at her. “Thanks.”

She shrugged. “The burden of being a muse. Get the Hitachi. And don’t forget to put milk on the list.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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  1. femsup said,

    OOOOH the objectification of him being put in the closet to sleep with the “other” sex toys.Just there for dirty use.And this was the soft option he had to strive for!

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