July 29, 2009

Sweet Surprises

Posted in stories at 9:13 pm by littlesubmissions

A deep brown drool rolled out of the corners of his mouth and colored his tie with the shining wet slickness that could describe passion or violence. It pooled on his shirt, making Rorschach Test shapes that contorted and shook with each twist of his shoulders and violent toss of his head. He leaned forward in the chair until the handcuffs pushed into his wrists, tearing at the skin.

One small finger daintily pushed his chin up, and she smiled. Her eyes tracked down, watching the trail of chocolate and spit slide past the edge of the chair and hit a polished loafer resting on a cheap plastic tarp. She let his head dip back down, and wiped her finger off in his hair. “I guess it’s a good thing we put down a tarp, hm?”

He groaned something unintelligible, dark bubbles forming around his lip and breaking, a fresh trail of thin waste slipping from his mouth.

She slid the spoon in her other hand into the bowl, pushing it forward until the weight of the rich dessert held it there. “Open boy.” She looked into his mouth, then picked up a small chocolate egg and held it in front of his eyes. “Dinner was wonderful, I want to thank you for that. So I suppose this is slightly unfair. But I love watching you try to decide whether to chew or not while the chocolate dissolves in your mouth. I know I filled most of them, but not quite all of them, with disgusting, horrible fluids. Some of it from your own filthy cock, actually.”

She saw his eyes widen and the corners of his mouth curl down. “Oh. You haven’t gotten to that yet, have you?” She laughed and rolled the egg over in her hand, looking at it closely. “I’m sorry, they all look the same to me. I know what I put in them, but have no idea which one is which. There’s only four left anyway, you’ll find it soon.”

She popped the chocolate egg into his mouth and pushed his jaw shut, leaning back and picking up her own dessert. “It is impolite for the gentleman to finish his dessert after the lady, I believe.” She slid the spoon into her mouth, and slowly slid it out past her lips as he leaned back, breathed deeply, and bit down.

She winced in sympathy as his face contorted and he choked back a gag. He chewed with slow, deliberate determination, swallowed hard and shuddered. She smiled. “Guess you found it, huh?”

He nodded, and she picked up another egg as his mouth slid open. “Well, don’t worry. There’s only four eggs left.” She slid it into his mouth, and watched him roll it around with his tongue. “And I only made two more like that…”

His lips curled back, and she watched his mouth start to close. He forced it open, and shut his eyes.

She teased his lips with the smooth sweet, then slid it into his mouth. “Dinner really was lovely. But I always look forward to dessert the most.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Violet said,

    Oooh. There’s my libido. Right there. Ooooh.

    More! Now!

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Thank you very much, but once a week is my limit for stories. šŸ˜‰

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