August 5, 2009


Posted in stories at 1:42 am by littlesubmissions

The gag pulled the skin of his lips tight and white. Layers of clear plastic wrapped across his face smashed his features flat and distorted his skin. Deaf, mute, nearly blind he stood at the foot of the bed and slammed his hips forward, back, forward, shaking her body.

She felt the texture of the plastic on his hands as he leaned in to slide them across her breasts, thrilled in knowing that he couldn’t feel anything, just pantomime his lust without sensation. Her legs wrapped around the small of his back and pulled his cock into her, holding it there, knowing that the layers of gauze and double condoms made it impossible for him to feel her squeezing down as hard as she could with her cunt.

“Oh fuck, kiss my tits!” She screamed it, loud enough for him to hear through the ear plugs, and writhed as he lowered his head blindly, hunching and dragging the rubber ball across her until he felt it slide into her breast. He pantomimed kissing her breasts with the hard sphere, moving it across her nipples as his drool pooled out of his mouth and dropped down on her sweating skin.

She ground her clit into the layers of plastic wrapped around his skin, knowing he couldn’t feel her, and pulled a pillow across her face as she came. Her teeth tore into the fabric, and she bit back an orgasmic scream. Her mind rolled with thoughts of the nerveless fuck toy she had turned him into. She twitched, moaning noiselessly until she came down, then wedged a foot between them and pushed him back.

He straightened and shuffled back carefully as she stood on shaking legs and grabbed his arm. She carefully pushed him down to the floor, threw a sheet and pillow beside him, and knelt down. One finger carefully worked under the clear plastic, and pulled one of the ear plugs out.

“I’ll tell you in the morning if I came or not. Whether you’ll be punished or not.” She slid safety scissors under the plastic on his stomach and began cutting up, pulling the membrane apart. “Oops, guess you can’t.” The scissors stopped at his neck, and moved to his right hand, carefully moving past his wrist and along his palm, then down the gap between his fingers. The plastic fell apart and he flexed his fingers, pulled the plastic away and wiped his hand dry on his stomach. She slapped the scissors into his hand and hopped back on the bed. “You can do the rest yourself. G’night.”

She slid up onto the bed, and pulled the covers tight around her. He pushed the plastic up and off his face, the world snapping into focus from blurred images and shaking outlines. He breathed heavily, started cutting the plastic off his other hand, and wondered what he had done.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Ehlana said,

    Fantastic, I love this idea.

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Thank you, and you can substitute aluminum foil if you happen to have a robot fetish.

  2. Ehlana said,

    Oo, shiny…

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