August 18, 2009


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The world was her face when he opened his eyes.

“How do you feel?”


“I want your legs to cramp and burn from kneeling so long. I want to watch you on the floor, when it hurts too much to stand. I want you to know…” The flogger thudded into his back again. “That this is just the pain starting, and the longer it lasts, the more you suffer now, the more it will hurt later.”

She paused just long enough to savor the gasps and whimpers of pain. Felt a warm flush in her cheeks as his skin reddened and swelled. Teased herself by pushing her lust up slowly, using lighter floggers, crops, rubber bands. Waiting to use the heavier stuff, saving the brutal crashing pain for when they were both gasping and wild and raw. Drawing it out slowly. Making it last.

“I want you to breathe with me.” She drew in a deep, slow breath, and exhaled.

He smiled at her, confused, then breathed in time with her, carpet scratching into his cheek as he moved his jaw.

She had been standing over him, watching him try to stretch his legs, face contorted. Waiting until he could just barely do it, when it would still be torture and pain and sacrifice just to move upright, to be a human. “Now, I want you to stand up, facing away from me…”

He had pushed himself up… “Yellow…” Feelings of sickness, vomit rising and the world swimming away. Her standing in front of him, asking what was wrong, grabbing him…

“Did I pass out?”

“Yeah, you did, for about five seconds. Probably from kneeling so long, you lost some circulation in your legs. Then when you stood up, blood rush.”

He closed his eyes, and tried to put the memories in order.

The world was still her face when he opened his eyes.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. AconitE said,

    she is pretty sadistic. I can relate to it totally.

    • littlesubmissions said,


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