August 26, 2009

In Order to Win, You Have to Play

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Fumbling with the keys to the door, he turned and almost walked into the folding table blocking the hall.

She smiled up at him and lazily chewed on a pen as she picked up a clipboard. “Good afternoon sir, what name are you registered under?”

He laughed and read the banner across the top of the paper on the clipboard, upside down large block letters in bold with a series of empty horizontal lines across the paper beneath it. “Home Con?”

She shrugged. “I know you’re all sad panda about not getting to go to the con. So I’ve got a whole program set up this weekend. Classes, some play space. Celebrity appearances!” She brightened, then shrugged. “Well, I rented a Wonder Woman costume anyway.”

His fingers slid across hers slowly as he took the clipboard and pen. “Thanks, and… I’m sorry. I know I haven’t been easy to be around lately. Being unemployed kind of makes me act like an asshole.”

“You’ll find something.” She smiled at him, then leered and slid her tongue across her lips, leaned back on two legs of the chair to prop shining boots on the table. “And don’t thank me! You’re going to work your ass off paying me back the registration fee. I’ve got all sorts of ideas for classes I want to try out, and I need a demo bunny. And we’re going to use every single play space I’ve set up before the cons over.”

“Sounds like you’ve thought of everything.” He put the clipboard on the table, and set the pen carefully beside it. Slowly got down to his knees and rested his chin on the table, looking across at her.

She sat the chair legs back on the floor and reached over to pet his hair. “Yep. I’ve even got a friend coming by later to be a pushy dungeon master and make sure we’re playing safe. Genuine imitation catering food in the fridge. And you to beat until you’re too sore to even whimper.”

He shifted his head so her fingers were kneading the skin at the edge of his eye. “Thank you ma’am.”

She stood up, and leaned over to push his face down hard into the table with her other hand. Her fingers pushed into his face, pulled at the skin and twisted it. His humanity fading under her hands, she felt herself getting warm at the idea of his suffering. “Silly boy, if you’d just win the lottery like I tell you too, I wouldn’t have to do this.”

He moaned as she pushed and pulled in different directions, moving his face one way then the other, sliding it across the table making his words garbled. “I won the ma’am lottery. One lottery is pretty good I think.”

She laughed, and pushed down hard with both hands, feeling his flesh flatten and the bones in his face push down hard into the vinyl surface. “You won the getting your ass kicked lottery. Now come on.” She pulled him up, moving him into a half-standing position. Her foot hooked around a leg, and pushed the table over, clipboard and pen hitting the floor. He moved one leg then the other over the table, awkwardly climbing across, and she pulled him tight against her while still mauling his face with her hands. “You’re all mine now. Registration is closed.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Mike said,

    Don’t stop ! Keep going ! what happens next ? PLEASE, PLEASE

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Well, they have to redeem the ticket to claim their winnings, then there’s all the tax forms to fill out…


      Sorry, I actually don’t enjoy writing about the sex near as much as the setup. So… think about whatever lovely, horrible things you’d like to see them do. That’s what they did.

      • Mike said,


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