September 15, 2009


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There was a loop in each end of the rough hemp rope. It scratched down over his ears, sliding with jerks and starts down to his neck. She pushed the knot up until it rested against his Adam’s apple, and he could feel it brush against his throat when he swallowed. She stroked the muscles moving in his neck, slowly brought her hand up carefully along his cheek. Her other hand dropped a loop over the bedpost, the slack of the twine hanging in a lazy arch between them, almost touching the floor.

Eyes closed, his lips fell open slightly and he leaned towards her.

Her arms pulled him close, feeling the back of his shirt for welts and bruises. Her lips sighed, and brushed against his ear. “You heal so fast. You’re lucky I like a challenge.”

He shuddered against her, and her arms clenched. She felt his muscles trembling, an electric shock that started in her arms and chest and spiraled down somewhere between her spine and cunt making her want more.

Her fingers dismembered the packaging on a sleep mask. His eyes were still closed when she pulled the elastic band back and slid it onto his face, carefully rearranging hair so it didn’t snag. “Today I really want to feel needed. So I’m going to take away your eyes. Can you see anything?”

His shoved his eyelids open, felt them brush against the cloth. “No ma’am. A little light gets in from the bottom, but not enough to see anything.”

She nodded at him, then giggled. “Good enough, boy. Now, I’m going to scatter thumbtacks around the house, so I’d advise against exploration on your own.” She pushed her boot heel down on the top of his bare foot, twisting and grinding the heel into the bones and skin until he whimpered and nodded. “Right. So when you need me…” Her hands undid his belt buckle, pulled his pants out sharply and unzipped them. He felt cloth sliding across his skin again as denim and cotton fell to the floor. “You start jerking off. And eventually I’ll come see what you want.”

His cock twitched between them, and she looked at the angle of his jaw, how tense the muscles along his shoulders and the back of his thighs were, gauging his reactions.

“And no coming today. Since you can’t see, and I don’t feel like looking for every drop of cum, you wouldn’t be able to clean up very well. And I’m sure not doing it.”

She saw his cheekbones scrunch up, knew he was clamping his eyes tight shut behind the mask. Watched him force his breathing into a slow, regular pace while she made hers faster, shorter, harsher. Her hands carefully stroked his shoulders, then stopped and clamped down. “And if you want me to hurt you, just don’t jerk off.” She waited for him to move, then licked her lips and planted her left foot carefully. “Well then, since you’re not jerking off… Hands behind your back and keep them there. This is going to hurt.”

His knees locked, and he barely had time to shove his fingers into fists jammed into the small of his back when her knee smacked into his balls. He arched up on the tips of his toes, and she steadied him with her hands until his feet were flat on the floor again.

Then casually brought her knee up again, balancing against him and grinding it into his groin, twisting with him and feeling his skin pulse under her hands. “God I love doing this to you. I hear it feels like being really nauseous.” Her knee came down and up again, sharp jerks that ended with his gasps and whimpers. “Maybe sometime I’ll shove your head in the toilet and just keep doing it until you puke.” Her fingers dug in tighter on his shoulders, she felt his struggles shaking her, his fight to keep his muscles from taking him away from the pain electric shocks that made her warm and filled her with lust and desire and a deep need to hear him ask to be broken just a little bit more. “After a nice dinner maybe. You think you could enjoy a really good steak knowing I’m going to beat your balls until you puked it up in an hour?”

She laughed at the inarticulate animal gulps and gasps coming from him, then put her leg down while his breath came in short gasps and his hips rolled and twitched, trying instinctively to shake off the source of his pain. “We’ll call it a definite maybe.” With pushes and gentle pulls she carefully guided him down to the floor until he was on his knees, pants still hobbling his ankles. Her hands cradled his head as she sank down to her knees and rolled him onto his side, breathing hard and shaking slightly. “Shhhhh… it’s ok.”

His hand wandered down between his legs, and carefully began to massage his aching balls. Tears wandered down his face from behind the mask, and she gently moved them into patterns on his cheek that soaked into his skin. “What do you need boy?”

He shifted the weight of his hips, and tried to ignore his rolling stomach and the waves of pain falling deep into his gut. “I… I think I just need to hear your voice for a minute or two ma’am.”

She twisted around until she was sitting on the floor, and leaned against the bed, pulling his head into her lap. Her fingers carefully stroked his hair, and she looked down to see him moving his hand gingerly, with only the lightest pressure, but with slow, regular strokes. She started to sing softly, and felt his sighs and needs fall on her.

-Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. mike said,

    Your domme is sooooo sadistic and so loving. Delightful ! Thanks. Such imagination!

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Thank you as well.

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