September 24, 2009

Playing Doctor

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Sunlight came through the kitchen window as her pink tongue caressed her lips, teasing him with glimpses of slick flesh sliding across skin. “Oh, doctor, thank goodness you could see me.” She thrust her chest out, took deep breaths, mouthed the words breathlessly and gave him a look of wide eyed adoration that was only slightly betrayed by the smirk on her face.

“Well, what seems to be…” A hard swallow and a deep breath as he stood in front of her, shifting his weight from foot to foot and trying to figure out where to put his eyes. “… the trouble?” He trailed off the finished as her eyes narrowed and her smile grew.

“It’s… embarrassing.” Her feet rubbing against each other, thighs clenched tight. The paper gown crinkled in small static bursts as she rubbed her thighs together.

He smiled at her utterly insincere awkwardness. “It’s ok ma’am, I’m a doctor.”

Her eyes fixed to her right at the ceramic chicken with toothpicks pointing out of its back, and her legs slightly parted. “I just… I can’t seem to have an orgasm.” She whispered, then spoke in soft, halting sentences. “No matter what I do. Do you think something is wrong with me?”

He shook his head, trying to see her body through the shifting white haze. “No, many women have that problem. Do you masturbate?”

“Oh!” She shook her head and looked at him in wide eyed shock. “That’s private!” Her shoulders shook and she forced her lips into a neutral line as he stood awkwardly, still trying to see her body under the gown without it being obvious.

He shook his head. “It’s perfectly natural, and helps you to be comfortable with your own body. If you find out what you like, you can talk to your lover and achieve greater intimacy.”

“Well, I do masturbate, but I don’t come… Let me show you. First, I start by playing with my boobs…” Paper ripped as she pulled the top of the paper garment in half, until one tit was lewdly exposed. Her fingers started to smooth and knead her flesh, pulling and contorting it, mashing her fingers hard into it until the skin bulged between them then softly stroking in tight circles, widening until they eagerly caressed the base hanging over her ribcage.

His head bobbed back and forth as he tried to look on with calm disinterest, and force his breath into steady, regular exhalations.

Her own tongue had started to slide across her lips, and she was rocking back and forth on the table. Ankles hooked under the table legs and slid her across the wood until her cunt was hanging over the edge. She let her breast go, folded the paper at her crotch into a sharp crease then tore a hold in the center, widening it with her fingers. He stood mutely as she reached forward and grabbed his hand, folding his fingers into a fist then extending his ring and index finger. “Then I put my fingers inside me, like this…” She forced his extended fingers through the torn paper, adjusted slightly, and slid them into slick tight flesh until his knuckles pressed tight against her.

Her hand eased his fist back and forth, pushing him hard then slowly pulling back out and ramming back against her body, knuckles banging into her clit with hard, rasping slaps. “Then I move it just like this…”

His arm jerked, and her fingers dug into his wrist, freezing his hand with his fingers halfway inside her. “Don’t move your arm. That would make you a bad doctor, and I’d have to punish you for that.” He nodded, wordlessly, and she slowly started to move his hand back and forth, sliding it into her, jerking herself off on his hand.

She was starting to gasp, rocking her hips slightly, finding a rhythm and getting herself closer. “Curl your fingers.” He pushed his fingers upward, and she started dragging them along her pubic bone, finding her g-spot then sliding his hand back and forth with rapid jerks, using his wrist to make the fingers in her cunt pull and twist and rub.

He was breathing hard, fighting to keep his arm from tensing up as she leaned into him and shuddered, jerking his hand tight against her body as she gave short rapid moans and then sighed. “Oh, fuck, doctor, I think you cured me…” She sighed, then slid his fingers out of her body, and moved his wrist up to her face. “I’m sooooo embarrassed, let me clean off your fingers.” Her tongue moved along his knuckles, sinking down to where the digits joined his hand, then traveling up to the nail, sucking off her wetness.

She let go of his wrist and leaned back when she was finished, sighed and stretched. “That was good, doctor, but I think I might need more treatment soon. Too bad doctors aren’t allowed to fuck their patients… but I’m sure there are all sorts of ways you can get me off without compromising your professional integrity. Aren’t there?” She looked up at him, with an arched eyebrow, the question a challenge she threw out.

His hand was still in the air where she left it, and he nodded carefully. “Yes ma’am.”

She laughed and leaned back again, rocking slightly and purring. “Oh come on doctor, no need to be so formal. After all, I am your patient. Now go get my clothes, and I’ll think about what I want you to show me for my next appointment.”

“Next appointment?” He handed her black panties and sorted through the pile for her bra.

“Oh yes, doctor, I have all sorts of medical experiments, and I need professional supervision to make sure I don’t hurt myself.” She hopped off the table and leaned in close. He could feel her breath against his neck. “Disgusting. Depraved. Medical. Experiments. All kinds of things in my cunt to see if I can come on them, suction and lube and positions that would be soooo humiliating and embarrassing if you weren’t a total professional. And you will be a professional, because if you’re not I’ll find a nurse to show you how to be utterly detached while inducing vomiting by ramming a dildo down someone’s throat, or diagnosing extreme groin trauma. That one will require lots of study and pictures and tests until you get them all exactly right. Clothespins and thumb tacks and good old fashioned knees in the balls. Understand, doctor?”

“Yes ma’am.”

Her hand caressed him softly, then took her jeans out of his hands. “Don’t worry, just keep me happy playing patient and you can keep playing doctor.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Mike said,

    LOL, nice. I hope lots of people are reading you blog (there are few comments) because you are a good writer: lots of character and detail and your sexual imagination is wonderful.

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Not a lot of people reading, but a lot of the ones who do are thoroughly awesome.

  2. Ferns said,

    Awesome… awww V, you are sweet!

    You *were* talking about me, right? Right?

    Yeah, I knew you were…


    • littlesubmissions said,

      Yep, you were included. It seems like not a lot of guys read, but dominant women tend to (or comment way more anyway). Which is cool by me.

  3. Colin said,

    Wow, fantastic work. So good to read well thought out, well characterized, well paced F/m stories – and to know someone out there is writing them. Thank you!

    • littlesubmissions said,

      You’re welcome, glad you like them.

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