September 30, 2009

Locked In

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“Put this in the closet light socket.”

He took the bulb from her, and looked at it. Frowned and shook his head. “A black light? I don’t think we have enough cheap beer for a college dorm room scene…” He reached up and started unscrewing the regular light bulb, looking back at her.

They grinned at each other, for different reasons.

He walked over to her, standing close, their breath mingling. She got the slight crease in the middle of her forehead, discarded options, chose others. “OK. Clean out the closet.”

She watched while he pulled out containers, moved armloads of clothes to the top of the dressed. Pulled shoe boxes full of pictures and old tax forms off the top shelves and stacked them neatly by the wall.

Stood in front of her again.

She waited, frustrating herself, until she growled deep in her throat at the part of herself that was making her hold back for a few seconds more. Her fingers curled into his hair, then jerked him along as she walked to the closet. Her eyes scanned quickly from corner, fingers jerking his face to follow the path her eyes were taking.

“See? No fluorescence. No bodily fluids on the walls, carpet, or ceiling. And I want it to stay that way. So when I lock you in here bare ass naked, I expect you help me out with that. Understand?”

He gasped a yes, and her free hand shoved its way down his shirt, scratching skin until it found a nipple and pinching, forcing the nail in deep. “Understand?”

He drew in a hard breath then exhaled the answer in a harsh stage whisper. “Yes ma’am, I understand!”

“Good. That’s good.” She let go of his chest, and talked over his gasps of relief. “So when I’m out here fucking myself silly with my favorite dildo, and you’re watching and listening through those slats, there won’t be any excuses for you doing something to make the closet messy? When I open the door and hand you the dildo, you’ll clean it off so it doesn’t get anything on the carpet?”

“Yes ma’am.” He agreed immediately, eagerly. She felt his head trying to nod in agreement under her hand and tightened her grip.

“So even if I shove that little plug in my ass, you’ll clean it rather than let it stain the closet?”

He kept trying to nod and sputter agreement at the same time while she let go of his hair and dragged his shirt off over his head.

“So when I tell you to stick your tongue through the slats, and jerk myself off all over it, and rub my nipples on it, you’ll control your filthy urges?”

Her hands undid his belt and shoved his pants down. They caught on his knees as he moaned and mumbled inarticulate but sincere agreement.

She shoved him to the floor with a guttural “Down on the floor whore!” and pulled his pants the rest of the way off. She stood there, looking down at him, and smiled. “Get ’em off, and crawl in.”

He shoved his underwear down and off and started to crawl as she looked at the invisible light on his skin.

“Dorm room scene, my ass…”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Colin said,

    SO HOT – thank you! I love that the interactions between your characters focus less on what they do sexually…

    • littlesubmissions said,

      I’m glad you like it, thanks for reading. And I wish I could say I had a high minded literary reason for focusing less on the actual sex act, but I really just run out of euphemisms for the bits that aren’t silly sounding pretty quickly.

  2. Meg said,

    You are an *amazing* writer. I was reading a book of erotic stories yesterday, and I found most of them only vaguely interesting. I was kind of worried that my libido was broken but today I have found that is not the case. :))) 20 minutes of your writing > 2 hours of “professional” writing. That they’re written by a man makes it even better.

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Thanks Meg. Real life is kind of kicking me in the head right now (not in the fun way, either), but I’ll try to keep posting as much as possible.

      Glad you like the stories, and your libido was all right.


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