October 28, 2009

First Things First

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Her legs wrapped around his head, pulling his face in tight to her cunt. She exhaled hard, body tensed, then sighed and fell back, relaxing. “Not bad.”

He sat down on the floor in front of the couch, breathing hard. “Thanks.”

“The only problem is you enjoy doing it so much. It’d be more fun if I could make doing it hurt you…” She pulled her legs up and stretched out on the couch, tousling his hair and smirking slightly.

“Good luck with that.” He leaned back further into the crook of her arm, until it wrapped around his chin.

“That sounds like a challenge…”

“Well, you could hurt me while I’m doing it, sure. But actually make going down on you hurt? Barring some sort of arrangement with mouse traps that would really be a problem with pubic hair I don’t see…” The rest of his sentence turned to odd mumbles as she chuckled and wrapped her hand around his jaw, pulling his lips tight together.

“Shush. I’m thinking.” He shut his eyes, feeling her hand pressing into his flesh. She pulled him in tight, rubbing her thighs together, thinking of the touch of warm slick flesh making him wince and shudder. “Turn around.” She let go of his jaw. dragged a magazine off the end table and carefully tore out a page. “Tongue out.”

His tongue slid out, and she waved the glossy page in front of his eyes. “You get the idea. If you want to go down on me again anytime soon, I want a nice paper cut right down the center of your tongue.” She pulled the paper up higher as he reached for it, and looked him in the eyes. “I want to see blood.”

She nodded and let him take it the sheet of paper this time, but grabbed his wrist as her arm came back down. “And go get the salt shaker first.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Wendy Blackheart said,

    Oh. Migod.

    • littlesubmissions said,


  2. Vincent DeLarge said,

    Now this made me draw in a sharp breath…
    You have an incredible way with words, and the richness of ideas I encounter in your blog never ceases to astonish and amaze me.

    • littlesubmissions said,


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