November 3, 2009


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“Shhhhh…” She pushed a finger to his lips and pulled him in tight. “You can stop begging.”

She left him lying on the floor and went to the closet. Pulled out a strapon and slipped it on, cinched the belt on tight and adjusted the straps until it hit her cunt just so. Pulled a long plastic box from the top shelf and walked back to him, sat on the floor in front of him.

Smiled a little.

“I’ll fuck you, since you begged so nicely. But you forgot to ask for lube. So.”

She flipped open the box, tossed him a box of sterile wipes. They bounced off his stomach and hit the floor before he could react to pick them up.

She laughed a little, felt her world collapse into the fear and lust and desire to suffer for her in his eyes. She carefully set the scalpel and a bottle of rubbing alcohol between them. “We’ll just use your blood.”

He picked up the scalpel carefully while she scooted forward, wrapping her legs around him. “Coat it all, and if any of it dries you’ll have to start over. And be sterile.”

She sighed at the electric warmth flooding her as he sterilized the scalpel and his skin, then carefully pushed the shining blade down until a red line oozed out around the stainless steel. She rocked her hips hard, watched him jerk her off while his blood smeared up and down the flesh colered plastic. “This, this, this…” She gasped hard in time with her hips. “This is how you could get me to do almost anything, just make sure there’s more pain for you than pleasure.” She pulled his fingers to her mouth and sucked the thin layer of blood left on them off. “Because I love you like this…” She pushed his hand away, leaned in eagerly as he pinched the cut, forcing more blood out, and rolled her hips up with a guttural moan, her fake cock straining towards the blood. “I love you beaten. I love you broken. I…” She felt herself shudder into an orgasm as he ground the base of the cock into her clit. “Love…” Pushing it in sharp, short circles. “You…” His hand slid and shifted, smeared a long red trail behind it. “Bloody.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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