November 6, 2009

Market Research

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Hey all-

So I was wondering, what are ya’ alls favorite stories out of this mess?

Because here’s the thing – I’m considering writing a full length book, if there’s interest. Specifically, if there is enough interest to generate sufficient revenue to make it financially worthwhile. So I’m not looking for ego fluffing here, but I’m well aware I’m working on a sub-genre of a sub-genre and I’d like to know if I’m likely going to sell more than one copy.

I have started writing pron for hire again, and sending it out to anthology editors and websites that pay cash in an effort to gain more readers. If it’ll work, I don’t know. I haven’t heard back from anyone yet. This may also result in this site tending toward darker kinks (edge play in last weeks installment for example). I can sell the more mainstream stuff easier, but a lot of places don’t publish the more “extreme” kinks. So, economics.

Anyway, consider this your chance to throw out any thoughts you have on things you like about these stories, things you don’t like, what you’d like in a full length book (it’ll need to be some sort of genre writing, I can’t write a 60,000 word sex act – I’d run out of synonyms for “penis” for one thing), low calorie recipes for bruschetta, whatever. Any thoughts you might have are sincerely welcome.

And don’t worry about being critical, I don’t regard anything I write as sacred.



  1. Cal said,

    Well, I’d certainly buy a book of yours, and I can think of at least a few other women who would, too. And a few men. Your site is my favorite erotica resource on the net, nowadays.

    I mostly love your stories because they come across as so real and so human, and even in the edgier ones you really get across the love between your characters. Most erotica reads as fake to me, but your stories have all the little glitches and warmth that remind me of real scenes with my partners. Also, they’re downright inspiring! I’ve stolen a few ideas from you and put them into use myself already.

    That said, let me go through and see if I can pick out some of my favorites for you:

    • littlesubmissions said,

      OK, real, human, I can work with that…

      Thanks for the feedback, and if you would, please tell your submissive I said, “Sorry, dude.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Kaijah said,

    I’m pretty sure I’d buy about 8 copies of a book you put out. You know. Just in case.

    I think have to agree with what Cal said above, I love your writing because it feels real. It’s like little snippets of things I’ve done or would actually DO, rather than a lot of mainstream porn that just comes across as ….blah. Stuff that’s just in it for the come shots.

    I like that you write about sex and pain twisted together in believable relationships, and, ya know, real hurt. Not some twitty little feather flogger that the girl uses to hit a random guy for two minutes before going into something where the guy is dominating her.

    Story list?
    I really do like the blood play involved in this one.
    This works for me personally because it’s similar to something I’ve done. Plus, that whole he’s in pain for my pleasure thing is lovely.
    “I want to see if I can make you scream just by kissing youโ€ฆ” Just yes.
    These all kind of fill that ‘use him!’ niche for me.
    Going back to the real, visible relationships note.
    Salt torture!
    I love the turn about in this – seeming like she’s going to be cruel, letting him open his eyes to seem nice, but then does he remember the colors? Such subtle meanness.
    I love the ones that show his want, too. How they make it obvious he wants to be maimed, rather than it just being her kink that he endures. They’re some of my biggest loves in your archive.
    Kinda the above, seeing him wanting it, kind of just the fun of seeing him strain.
    This is -cute- to me. Oh man. It’s a good light note.
    Unique idea. It’s interesting, different, but still something I’d try out if I had a bow.
    Improvisation is always awesome – showing how it’s accessible kink, not all $200 dollar floggers and special shoes.

    Too many bookmarks? *rofl* Maybe.

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Thanks for the list actually, I had forgotten some of those and had fun going back and rereading them. And thanks for the vote of confidence, I’ve got quite a bit going on right now, but a book length work is looking more likely.

  3. Ranai said,

    This is a roundabout answer. Sorry if I don’t directly answer your query about which vignettes I like best. You have such a wide range of content and ideas. As there’s enough overlap in personal tastes, if the book contains some erotic scenes from your personal spectrum, I’m going to be interested in the book. Please create erotic content from the potential in your story’s specific characters and plot.

    Are you planning to write a collection of short stories, or one long story? Long stories work differently for me than vignettes. In longer fiction, whether an author touches certain kinks is secondary for me as a reader, if a certain overlap in erotic interests exists anyway.

    What I like in long stories

    Plot suspense: I turn the pages because I want to know what happens next in the plot.

    Conflict: Where there’s no conflict, there’s no plot. The plots don’t need to be ‘Will our heroes escape from the labyrinth shark tank in which they’ve been chained to a time bomb?’ but I don’t like them as bland as ‘X saw Y talking to Z and is jealous now. X is silent and pouts. Sniff. Will X and Y ever be happy lovers again?’ Give your characters something to do and throw problems at them.

    Submission and dominance, erotic content and sex scenes integrated into the plot: Fictional characters don’t necessarily always need reasons for experiencing or doing things that turn readers on. But it makes a difference whether erotic content comes out of the blue, or whether there are some well-crafted connections to the rest of what’s going on.

    Interesting, three-dimensional, multi-faceted main characters.

    A well thought out ending.

    The vignettes here at Littlesubmissions focus on consensual, loving kink. Depending on your interests in fiction, you can expand this or not. You can give yourself more options by adding nonconsensual interaction (crimes, nonconsensual hierarchical relationships, oppressive social systems etc.). You can let your story take place in a historical setting. If you don’t want your imagination to be restrained by ordinary laws of physics, you can add fantasy elements. All these are optional extras of course. I think you’ll have happy readers regardless whether you choose among these extras or choose loving, consensual kink in a contemporary setting: A story about characters who [plot] and like their sex kinky.

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Wow, that’s a lot of comment… Thanks and I’ll try to reply to everything in turn. Just please remember this is all planning stuff now, and the book might change between now and when it gets done (assuming it does get done).

      This will be one long story, probably 50,000 – 80,000 words. The sex scenes will be longer than what I usually write here, around 4000 – 6000 words each, and as far as word count be approximately half the book. I am going to separate it into chapters, so readers who just want to read the sex part can easily skip the other stuff. They might lose a bit of context, but each sex scene should serve as a story on its own.

      As far as plot, I have no idea. Right now I’m just writing sex scenes which get gradually more intense, and I’ll string them together and integrate with plot later (another reason for the chapter divisions). I do want to make this realistic (that is no science fiction or fantasy), and partly because of that it might turn into just a romance story, or erotica, if I can find enough tension and conflict between the characters to make it interesting. But if I can’t find plot I’ll write more sex and make it a book of relatively long (for me) short stories. At this point I don’t want to rule anything out, and am just writing…

      So thanks for the comment, it has gotten me to look more closely at where I want to go with this, and think about it some. That helped. And I’ll probably drop a sample chapter or two on here anyway, so hopefully no one will be too disappointed if they buy a dead tree version (or .pdf for people that want that).

      Thanks again!

  4. Ferns said,

    For me, the thing that works in your stories is not the kink, it’s the pleasure and the relationship (I’m such a girl!).

    I like seeing the exchanges in the middle of the kink stuff that gives me a glimpse into believing that it *means* something, that warms it up for me and makes my heart hurt and that, in turn, makes me wet.

    For example, in your latest (Her favors), I’m pleased by the punching, it’s cute, and fun, and would hurt, but the story is not *about* that. They are exchanging something, and I love seeing the detail of the exchange, the affection, the laughing, and his laying his head in her lap before she really weighs in on him. The understanding between them. God, it’s lovely.

    That’s what lifts your writing above for me. You look more closely at it than most others and can draw out of it something much more interesting than ‘thwak thwak kapow!’.


  5. Ferns said,

    (not that I’m against a little ‘thwak thwak kapow!’… have at it!!)…

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Thanks Ferns, no matter what the structure (short stories or novel length, genre fiction or whatever) of the story ends up being I plan on keeping the same tone in the d/s. And in the meantime, for all your thwak thwak kapow needs, the surviving cast of the original Batman series is going to be at the Anaheim Comic Con.

  6. Ranai said,

    Have fun. A main conflict doesn’t necessarily need to be between protagonists, they can also face difficulties and adversity jointly. Which in turn causes character development and influences the relationship.

    Strictly my personal tastes, I enjoy adventure (even shark tanks in moderation), comedy and tragedy alike. Fictional lovers’ tiffs can be difficult to pull off without making them silly, so conflicts between protagonists need to be something more interesting to pull me in as a reader. Whereas writers who describe oppressive societies have their conflicts conveniently arising from the structure itself (for example Maculategiraffe: ‘Slave Breakers Series’ and ‘The Maiden’).

    Or stick to the short story format if you like it best, it’s beautiful and full of potential as well.

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Yeah, I can’t decide. Short stories seem to be working for me here, so I’m leaning back that way now… Talking about it does help though, so thanks again for that.

  7. alberto said,

    Well, I certainly like the hints of relationships in your stories, how they emerge casually as two people “play”.

    By the way, that is probably why I enjoy your writing, even if your themes are a little too “edgy” for my taste. I don’t know if it matters, but I’ll state it anyway: I’m into a D/S relationship, so I’ll probably like to read stories directly related to what we actually do (so, no blood, no excessive pain). Your style, however, is so intriguing that I liked even some stories with themes that I’d never really considered “erotic”. Good job on that ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for my favorite stories, I find that the last one you posted, “Her Favors”, is great.

    Other stories that I liked A LOT:
    (teasing and denial really hits my buttons)
    (cuuute! And shows lots of care on the Mistress’ part :-))
    (Anal violations and strap-ons are one of my heaviest fetishes)
    (I like the consensual abuse and loving cruelty in these. Also, the idea of being completely at her whim, turns me on :-))

    I think the stories I liked the least are those with too much anguish…maybe because I expect to be entertained (and aroused) by an erotic story. The best stories imho are those with a heartly laugh (maybe only on her part, but I think you got my point ;-)).

    BTW I am a fan of short stories (I liked them since I read the complete work of H.P. Lovecraft).

    Just my 2 euroCents, good luck with your work!

    — alberto

    On a completely unrelated note: erotic themes that I like are almost completely explored by an Authoress called “Akasha”,

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Thanks, it’s good to know that even if it wasn’t your kink, you enjoyed it, and I do generally try to show that people do this because it’s something they really enjoy doing on some level.

      While humiliation isn’t really a kink for me, Akasha’s stuff is definitely well written. I used to read her regularly before she went to a pay-site format, and she could definitely turn a phrase.

      And on a non-pervy note… Lovecraft is great. I liked Chiana Mieville’s book of short stories (Looking For Jake) as well, and while it’s not a short story James L. Grant’s On the Banks of Lethe might be the most Lovecraft-esque book I’ve read in a long time.

      • alberto said,

        Wow, thanks for the advice, I’ll look for “On the Banks of Lethe” and “Looking for Jake”. Also, I’m not really an expert of science fiction, but I enjoyed some short stories from William Gibson (exspecially “Burning Chrome”) and Philip K. Dick.

        There’s an interesting Italian author, Stefano Benni, which published various collection of short stories, and I find him great! I don’t know if anything from him has ever been translated, though. If so, try to look for “Bar Sport” (short stories) and “Elianto” (a novel), I think that he’s really a master ๐Ÿ™‚

      • littlesubmissions said,

        No problem, I love talking books, hopefully you won’t find them to be utterly awful if you do find them (Mieville is a Brit, so that should help). I’ll look around for Benni, see what I can find cheap or at the library.


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