November 10, 2009

Her Favors

Posted in stories tagged at 10:00 pm by littlesubmissions

She threw popcorn at him until he looked away from his notes, stopped mouthing words at the computer screen. “Hey, Mr. Over-Prepared, it’ll go fine and you’ll be great.”

He shrugged. “Yeah, probably I guess. Kind of a big deal though.” He fished a piece of popcorn out of his hair and tossed it in the waste bin by the desk, looked back at the computer screen.

“Come here.” She smiled and motioned him over, set the bowl of popcorn on the floor. He hit save and walked over, dropping down to his knees when she grabbed his belt and jerked down hard. “You’ve been over it five times just since I came home. You know it backwards and forwards. You’ll do great.”

Her finger traced along the thin flat lines of his mouth, pushing his lip up into a smile until she saw his eyes start to harden, felt his muscles tense.

“Here.” She leaned down, grabbed his shirt with both hands, and pulled it off and over his head. “Give me a few minutes and then I’ll leave you alone.” Her fist thudded into his shoulder hard and he winced, rocked back slightly. She grabbed his hair with her other hand and pulled him back to her, punching him in the shoulder again. “Now, in days of yore, ladies would bestow their favors on knights before they went into battle to show their love. The knight would win battles and bring honor and fame to his lady.”

Her fist smacked into his body again, carefully driving knuckles into the same spot over and over. He started to breathe harder, but grinned up at her slightly in spite of himself. “I thought I told you that the Society for Creative Anachronisms was a hard limit for me?”

She punched harder and laughed. “Those favors are usually scarves or flowers. My favors are welts and bruises.” She leaned in and bit down on his bicep, grinding teeth into muscle until he cried out. She stopped then, leaned back just long enough to smash the heel of her foot into the meaty muscle at the top of his leg. “I’ll wrap you up in pain. By morning you’ll be covered in welts and bruises. Every inch of flesh under your clothes will have a throbbing, burning reminder of how much I love you. If you think it will help. Up to you.”

Her shoulders rose and fell, and she sat back on the couch watching him with poker face.

He slowly leaned forward, laid his head down on her lap and sighed. “That’s the first time I’ve thought about something else in weeks. And I would be honored to wear your favors, my lady.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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