November 17, 2009

With Apologies to Pat and Vanna

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“Naked, in the chair, legs on the armrests. Now.”

He scrambled to pull clothes off, tossing them frantically in the corner while she watched him, her smirk growing and turning into a leer as his naked vulnerability increased. She licked her lips as he clambered awkwardly into the chair, leaning back to get his legs up on the arms, the chair tilting back until his body jutted upwards. Stretched out and splayed open like a lewd feast in front of her, she looked down at him and breathed in deep and hard.

The duct tape ripped off the roll with a faltering hiss and started moving in tight loops around his left leg, pinning it to the plastic armrest of the chair. She grabbed his right hand, slapped it down on his knee and worked her fingernail under the ragged edge of tape, pulling it loose again. One arm and both legs were now pinned to the chair with the shining bandage, leaving him tied awkwardly on his back, trying to keep his balance with his one free arm as the chair wobbled.

Her fingers sank into his hair. “Come on.” She held him horizontal as she dragged him through the doorway into the kitchen. He could see the table pushed against the wall as he glided past, the chairs stacked on top of it neatly as she gently balanced him while he rolled to a stop. She smiled down at him, pulled a small pile of three by five note cards off the counter, and started setting them down on the floor at regular intervals in a circle around the chair. When she was done she moved to his prostate body, squatted down, and leaned her head in close to his ear. “There are twelve cards on the floor. One says to cut the tape loose and get you into a hot shower. The other eleven… well, they say things that are much less pleasant.”

She watched his eyes turn to the floor, trying to read the small, light print on the cards. Her lips hovered over his ear, whispering. “Don’t worry, you’ll find out what they are. One by one.”

His eyes followed her as she stood back up and planted one leg near his free arm. “So give yourself a spin, and whichever one your head lands on, we’ll do first.” Her shoulders bounced up and down in an exaggerated shrug. “Unless it’s right between two of them, and then we’ll just do both. But to make it fair, if you can get through them without screaming, I’ll take it off the floor.” Her smile broadened, daring him to challenge the fairness of her sing-song assertion.

Instead he licked his lips and hesitantly reached out his hand. Her leg slid back playfully and she giggled down at him. “Of course, that would increase your chance of getting two cards at once, wouldn’t it?”

“Yes ma’am.” He nodded, kept his hand outstretched and flexed his fingers eagerly as she slowly brought her leg back towards him. When he could finally get a good grip he wrapped his fingers around her knee and rolled back and forth a couple of times to check his balance, then carefully pushed himself around in a circle, tucking his free arm in against his body and leaning his head back carefully, watching her smile spin in and out of sight above him.

She came into focus as his eyes blinked back tears and she helped him limp into the shower, his body a mass of aching bruises and welts, his throat raw and hoarse from screaming and trying not to scream. Bodily fluids and lubricants running down the back of his legs, a thick cold trail of spent passion.

She smiled at him and turned on the water, spinning the dial to adjust the temperature. “You did really well boy. I’m proud of you.”

He smiled back and pushed himself against the wall, scrunching his toes up at the still cold spray of water. “Thank you ma’am. Say, if you don’t mind telling me, what was on the other seven cards?”

She shook water off her hand and laughed, looking him up and down as he inched into the warmth. “You’ll have to play again to find that out.” Her jaw clenched and she ran her tongue along her lips, head tilted and eyes narrowed slightly. “Of course, this time there won’t be a card that says to stop and get you in the shower.”

He rubbed the heat from the water into his chest and shuddered slightly. “I know ma’am.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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