December 25, 2009

Deadly Monkey Toes

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Because if you’re looking for porn on Christmas (approximately, I know time zones can play hell with that), I can help you out with that situation. Merry Christmas everybody.

“Watch out for the soap dish, you’ll have to slide it under.” She leaned over to watch and gestured in short flat motions with her hands as he moved the large flat panel awkwardly, swinging it flat and laying it down over the tub.

“Yeah, I know, I got it.” He slid the thick wood the last few inches until it clunked into the wall and eased his fingers out. Their bathtub now resembled a large, flat shelf with a top made of unfinished wood, a crude hole the size of a fist cut near one end. She scooted around him and sat down on it experimentally, sliding across it until she was in the center and bouncing up and down experimentally. She lowered herself down and brought her knees up, bouncing up and down again, harder this time, then looked over at him and smiled.

“Yeah, this will work. Throw a blanket on this and I could lay up here for hours, fucking myself with a dildo while you lay down there and watch.” He smiled wanly at her vicious grin, and she nodded. “Or just plant my ass on that hole and see if I can get off before you run out of air… here, get in, I want to make sure you can get out if anything happens.”

She stood up, and pulled the board out away from the wall far enough she could lift one edge up. He brushed by her, licking his lips at the brief contact, and swung one leg into the tub. He sat down on the edge, and slid in carefully, laying down on his back. She dropped it down, and felt the familiar twitches as she slid it back into place. She lay back down, carefully, and spread her hands out. “OK, make sure you can move it.”

He put his hands flat on the bottom and lifted, sliding the panel away from the wall. The front and back edges of the tub supported the wood plane until the corner dug into the wall, and he had to use his knees to slide the bottom edge out, wedging his feet against the drain and rolling his legs. A crack of light appeared at the edge of the tub, and he slid his fingers into it and pushed until it widened. It slid further away from the wall until he could twist his body and pop his head and shoulders out, sitting cross legged and watching her balance carefully on the wobbling platform.

“Awesome!” She stood up carefully and waved a hand at him, fluttering her fingers rapidly. “OK, get naked and get back in there, I want to use it.” He stood up and pried his shoes off with his feet while she pulled her shirt over her head. They stripped opposite each other, tossing clothes in a pile o the floor, grinning at each other as more skin appeared.

“Back in, face down.”

“Face down?”

She grinned and nodded. “Definitely, face down.”

He slid back down and lay on his stomach, curling his knees to give himself enough room. His cheek hit the cold flat bottom of the tub and he watched from one eye as she shifted the wooden cover, then lifted it up and stepped into the tub. She lowered herself down on top of him, letting the cover come down behind her until she was laying flat, her stomach to his back, and the cover dropped down with a thud. She reached up and slid it back to the wall with her palms, leaving only one small pool of light shining on the back of his head.

Her body wriggled against him, smashing her skin down into his. “I think, that the only thing worse than being stuck in the dark, is being stuck in the dark with someone who wants to hurt you.” She shifted her weight, rolling it to one side while she reached down beneath his thighs and grabbed his balls, squeezing hard, feeling him shudder and gasp with her entire body. The enclosed space distorted and magnified the sound, the feel of a damp slick tomb getting hotter and more humid with each breath made everything else in the world fade away.

“And it’s even worse when that someone has… deadly monkey toes!” He laughed as she flipped the drain closed with her foot and spun the faucet around, letting water slowly come out and splash down on the bottom of the tub. He felt the splatter hitting his legs, knew it was pooling in the bottom of the tub and creeping towards his mouth. She rubbed her tits hard against his back, grinding her body into his, putting her hands on the back of his head and pinning his face down as the water slid along his skin. Bubbles and distortions appeared in the surface as the water got higher, until she spun the faucet off, shutting off the water.

He felt warm water slapping against his body, but still shivered under her as she pinched and mauled his skin, listening to his gasps and moans reflected off the walls around them, only his clenched jaw visible in the pool of light shining down. She left one hand on the back of his head, keeping it shoved down tight as she worked the other between his legs, laying on her side and shoving his body over, hard against the side of the tub. Her hand dipped into the water, flicking it up against his skin, and traced a wet line behind his balls up to his ass.

Muscles tensed and his shudder traveled through her body in electric jolts as she casually shoved a finger into his ass, twisting and burying her finger to the knuckle. “Oh yes, so much worse.” She could feel his muscles tightening, heard the soft splashes as he breathed and curled his hands into fists then opened them at his sides as she worked her finger back and forth, twisting and jabbing. “So.” She paused, her finger buried in him to the knuckle. “Much.” She withdrew it slowly, lined up a second finger beside it and paused, waited for him to exhale. “Worse.” He grunted as she rammed both fingers into him, burying her hand against his ass and holding it, feeling his muscles clench and spasm.

The casual rape continued as she rubbed her cunt on the back of his legs, working her fingers around, stretching and violating him while he splashed in the water underneath her, his face flickering into and out of sight as he rolled his head from side to side, the small circle of light only making a portion of his grimacing features visible at any one time. She leaned over to whisper in his ear, “That’s two fingers. Think I can get my whole fist in there?”

He made a hard “Oomph” of protest under her, and blinked his eyes rapidly. “I don’t know ma’am.”

“Come on, take a guess.” She paused long enough to wet her hand, and shoved a third finger deep inside him, pushing hard and steady, the gut wrenching feeling of wrongness washing back over him as his asshole was pulled apart.

She felt his ass twisting, his hips rolling and instinctively trying to escape the violation as he shuddered and moaned, a deep throated “Yes ma’am, I think you could with enough time and water ma’am.” His voice trailed off into burbling gasps as he exhaled hard into the water at the side of his face, and she rubbed her cunt against his leg a little faster, gasping out her own pleasure onto his skin.

“Oh, but I like challenges.” She raised a foot and turned the water back on, a slow trickle that nevertheless started the water level rising. She slid her hand out and wetted it again, felt him shudder in relief when only three of her fingers found their way back inside him, twisting and pushing, distending him as she rolled her wrist and worked her hand up and down in an obscene rhythm, feeling him surrender underneath her a little bit more with each gasping thrust.

The violation continued as warm water slowly filled the tub, fresh air coming in from above them, moisture condensing on the walls of the tub and traces of steam rising all around them. The splashes got louder, more violent as he twisted underneath her involuntarily, muscles spasming as she slowly worked a fourth finger inside him, her digits a cone working against every instinct in his body to keep his ass closed. Her other hand jerked his face up and slapped it back down into the water as she ground her clit into his leg, jerking off with his body as she violated him, tearing at his flesh to get inside.

The water splashed behind him as they grunted and moaned into the air around each other, her tongue licking her lips as she rolled his head and shoved the other side of his face into the water, rivulets running down his skin as he blinked his eyes. She could feel her thumb bouncing off his skin, the tip rubbing up against his ass but not able to work inside. She twisted harder, shoving her hand against the resistance, levering herself up to gain a better position, shoving her knees between his and spreading them until they slapped against the sides of the tub to keep him wide open, spread and vulnerable.

The tip of her thumb twisted its way inside him and she felt his long shivering wail deep inside her stomach as she slowly pushed forward. The elastic flesh of his ass stretched around her hand as she twisted and drove her arm forward, working it inside him, even letting go of his hair and shifting her arm between their bodies to splash water up on the part of her hand still outside him. She could feel her muscles flexing as she shoved him down, kept up the pressure and kept working her hand further in, millimeters at a time, twisting and shoving, holding while he sobbed and groaned underneath her, then twisting more until she could work her hand a little further, violate him a little more.

Ecstatic groans and whimpers of violated lusting despair filled the enclosed space as she shoved and felt his ass give way to the pressure, the widest part of her clenched fingers sliding inside him. She hissed in triumph and kept pushing, carefully but without relenting, letting his ass close around her narrowing bone and muscle as she sank her fist deep insider him. She buried herself to the wrist before stopping, shuddering and rocking against him, reaching back and spinning the faucet off with her foot. She moved her other hand back up, stroked his hair with her warm wet skin, and cooed into his ear.

“My whole hand is in your ass. Can you feel that? Can you feel me fisting you?”

His body thrashed underneath her, water splashing up and against their skin as his body twitched. “Yes ma’am.”

She curled her fingers into a fist and a wave of nausea rolled over him, a sense of wrongness, queasy illness and violation. She started working her fist forward, pushing into him, pulling back until she felt his ass tighten around her wrist then shoving forward, pushing her arm deeper inside him with each stroke, slowly punching deeper into his guts, feeling his flesh surround her as he twitched and moaned and sobbed in the black water underneath her. She forgot about everything but the act of taking the sanctity of his body away from him, of jerking herself to the feel of his body twitching on her hand, of turning him into a puppet made of meat for her to control.

Shoving her fist in and twisting, making him gasp and shudder underneath her. Pulling it back out, listening to his sob of gratitude and hope, thinking this might end. Pausing and feeling the shudder of surrender through his whole body as she waited for him to exhale. Grinding her hand further into him until he cried out in pain. Listening to the burbling exclamations of torture in the water and hot, wet air all around them, feeling the heat of his body on her arm, the slick disgusting flesh in the hole she was punching her fist into, reaching up, imagining she could reach his heart clear in his chest and close her fist around it, tearing it out of his body, warm blood spraying with each shuddering beat if she shoved just a little bit harder.

The pain and sickness blended with lust as he felt her fist sliding inside him, her warm tits smashed into his back, the soft hair between her legs gliding over his legs with the slick hot flesh behind it. His body rocked back and forth under her, pushing and twisting as much as he could, sliding across slick, hard enamel and slapping into her weight above him. Her arm was punching deep inside him now, tearing at his guts, making him whimper and twitch beneath him, controlling him like a puppet on string. He twitched and twisted and made horrible animal sounds as she worked herself into a rhythm, moving faster and harder, violating him with greater and greater ease as his body got used to the gross violation, started to welcome it, to blur the line between pain and pleasure.

She shoved herself back and rose up to adjust the angle of her arm, the rough wood scraping along the back of her shoulders as she pushed her body against it. Light flooded into the tub as she pushed the wooden cover up and snarled, slamming her fist deep inside his ass and jerking herself off with short, hard strokes of her clit against his leg. She felt the first wet twitches of an orgasm as she drove her cunt into the spasming muscles of his leg, sinking her arm deep inside him and holding it as she arched her back and came hard, shouting out the hot, liquid explosion that was rocking violently through her cunt up through her chest and deep into her lungs, forcing air out of her mouth in a scream.

She felt his body beneath her, warm and liquid and helpless as she slid her arm back, unclenching her fist and sliding it out of his ass, letting his weakened, stretched muscles work her hand out of his body. She shoved her shoulders to one slide, moving the wooden cover off the tub further, letting cold fresh air and light wash down over them as it slowly slid over and off. When there was enough room she pushed her body through the gap and slid the cover further, letting it flip up and settle on the floor.

Her foot kicked the lever to the drain, opening it and letting the water run out as she wormed her way underneath him, pulling him up her body until his head rested on her chest. They breathed hard against each other, feeling the water rush past their legs, gurgling down the drain as they collapsed. She pushed his wet hair back carefully, held him tight against her and stroked his back while he rested, breathing hard against her skin. She cooed against him softly, murmuring in his ear, stroking him softly and snuggling against his body.

Head still fuzzy he pushed his body tight against hers, washing the feelings of pain and violation away with her pleasure and approval. She shivered as cold air washed over her damp skin and kicked the drain closed again, turning the hot water back on with her foot as well. They slid down further in the tub as the water rose, slowly creeping up their bodies. He moaned as he turned over, taking the weight off his knees and chest and folding himself into her body, his back to her chest again. She snuggled against him and sighed happily while he sighed in pleasure as the heat of her body and the water sank into his muscles.

His eyelids were heavy and sliding shut when she reached up with her foot and spun the water off. Head arched, he looked up at her with a raised eyebrow. “Deadly monkey toes?”

She laughed and jiggled underneath him. “Damn straight. I fuck you up with my deadly monkey toes.”

His eyes slid shut and he leaned back against her, sliding a little deeper into the water. “Yes ma’am.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. mike said,

    Wow ! Wow, wow, wow. Gracias

    • littlesubmissions said,

      De nada, and gracias yourself.

  2. Wendy Blackheart said,

    mwahahahahaha. Deadly monkey toes. I like it.

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Fear the deadly monkey toes. They are deadly.

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