December 30, 2009

In Control

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“I usually punish you until I think you can’t take anymore, then reward you. But tonight… tonight.” She paused, and smiled. “Tonight, you’re in control.”

“Take your clothes off while I explain how this is going to work.” He started to strip, watching her lick her lips between her favorite words. “I’m only going to hurt you when your cock is hard. So as long you can keep from getting a hard-on, no pain.” She shoved her pants down and worked two fingers under her panties, rocking her hips as she massaged her clit. “Of course, if your cock does get hard, then the pain starts until you get soft again.”


He tore his eyes away from her rippling fingers and shook his head. “Huh?”

She walked over to him, shoved his underwear down from his knees to the floor and planted her foot on it, shoving his legs apart with her knee. Her slick fingers rubbed his cock gently until it twitched and his eyes closed, his breathing became deep and regular. She carefully cupped his cock in her hand and kept stroking as the fingers on her other hand worked into his mouth and found his tongue. “Listen carefully.” Her fingernails clamped down, crushing his tongue between them. “Hard cock is pain.” She kept stroking his cock slowly, crushing his tongue between her fingers. She felt electric thrills as he rose up on his tip-toes and his frantic breath washed over her hand. She stopped jacking him off, just held him as she ground her nails into his tongue, mauling the slick pink flesh. When she felt him lose his hard-on she let go and wiped her hands on her shirt. “Soft cock means pleasure. Understand now?”

He nodded and kicked his underwear off his ankles, rubbing his tongue against the roof off his mouth and trying to tell if their was blood in his mouth. “Yes ma’am.”

“Smart boy. And since it looks like you’re not enjoying yourself too much at the moment…” She strolled over to the closet and knew his eyes were on her as she leaned over and picked up the boots. She pointedly ignored his stare as she slung them over her shoulder by the laces and walked back to her chair. Dull black engineer boots. Bulky. Crude. Laces frayed at the ends. Soles worn almost smooth. Crude. Black. Flat.

“Make them shine.” He was on his knees eagerly, scampering forward and tongue out. Tasting the rough surface of the leather, spit washing off on the toe. Eagerly licking, tasting, worshiping, dragging the taste back in his mouth when his tongue got dry. He yelped when she pulled him up by his hair, tongue hanging below his mouth, still reaching for her boots. “Someone says it’s time for pain…” She looked pointedly at his cock, stiff and dangling between his legs, forcing his eyes that way with a wrench of her wrist.

He nodded between whimpers as she stepped behind, pinned his head to the seat of the chair, and began to methodically drive her knuckles into his back with short, hard jabs. The force of her punches drove the chair away, with her other hand jerking him back by the hair, pulling him into her knuckles, concentrating on the same spot of flesh, grinding and pounding her bones into it, invading the muscles and tissue beneath the skin until the nerve endings were raw and tortured. She looked down at him from behind, punching harder as his cock got softer until it was limp. When his whole body was a rag doll under her hands she held him up and kicked the chair away, lowering him to the floor.

“Roll over.”

He winced and smiled up at her as he rolled over on his back, bruised flesh hitting the carpet. “Yes ma’am.”

She laughed and shucked off her panties, twirling them on one finger. “Now that you understand this game, let’s see how long you can last before you decide you want hurt some more.” She turned around to face his feet and lowered herself down, settling on his face, grinding herself on his jaw until she felt his tongue working against her skin. Their moans mixed together as she watched his cock carefully through slitted eyes, waiting for him to get hard.

Her hips rolled against his mouth and the corners of her mouth dragged themselves upward when she saw his cock start to twitch. Underneath her he struggled to think of anything but what he was doing, tried to keep the pleasure from getting him hard and still commit every detail to memory to savor later. He could feel the pleasure tightening in his gut, and rolled his shoulders on the carpet, trying to focus on the pain in his back while she flexed the muscles in her thighs and growled deep throaty moans.

She licked her lips in anticipation and raised her hips slightly, forcing herself away from her own orgasm, watching his cock. When his hand came up she drew in a sharp breath, and when his finger flicked the head of his cock she ground her teeth together and smashed her cunt down on his tongue. She watched him flick the head of his cock with his finger and squeeze down on his balls while his tongue worked over her clit and her hips started to move faster. She laughed and leaned forward, grabbing his hands and pulling them back toward his chest. “That’s cheating.” Her eyelids flickered and her toes curled as she felt him trying to pull his hands down to torture his cock and keep his face in her cunt for just one minute longer. She let go of his hands as she gave in to her orgasm, felt her thighs twitching and guts churning as his hands pinched his hard cock.

She stood up on shaking knees, grabbed his hair again and hauled him to his feet. “Too late.”

He licked his lips through loud breaths and smiled, “Give me a minute please?”

She exhaled in a long, shuddering breath and laughed. “Oh god, yes.” She flopped down on the bed hard, the mattress bouncing with their laughter as threw himself down beside her. She dragged him closer and purred as she dried his face, letting him lick her fingers. They watched each other quietly, until they could sense the restlessness growing. Finally she raised an eyebrow and he nodded.

She stood up and stretched, thinking. “Be right back.” She clomped out of the room, came back with a piece of ribbon from her sewing kit. “Get it hard. Some day I’ll buy you a proper cock ring, but until then this will do.” She smiled as he propped one arm under his head, shifted his hips and started to play with his cock, just so she could hurt him some more. They both wanted the same thing, so it didn’t really matter who was in control.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Ferns said,

    This one is hugely fun… wouldn’t work with a serious masochist of course, but I do love the premise.


    • littlesubmissions said,

      Ah, serious masochists… they take things far too seriously. 😉

  2. Mike said,

    A really loving, femdom, hot scene. I like the ending. I like it all.

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Cool. 🙂

      I really do try to show the kind of femdom stuff that I see a lot of, which generally involves scenes between people that care about each other a lot.

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