January 14, 2010

Moving In

Posted in stories tagged at 12:33 am by littlesubmissions

“I thought you couldn’t move anything in on Sunday.”

Her smile had too many teeth, a mocking false sincerity that wasn’t afraid to let him know she was lying. “We’re not moving things in, we’re just measuring for furniture. If anyone asks.” She grabbed her purse and got out of the car, skipping up the steps and unlocking the front door with him behind her, hands in his pockets, breath turning to steam.

The beige carpet stretched all around them as she bounced up the stairs two at a time, walking down a short hall and around a corner. She twisted her keys in the deadbolt, but left the door latched as she leaned against it and smiled up at him, wiggling her shoulders suggestively as one hand dipped into her pocket. She came out with a black ski mask, watched his tongue lick his lips as she dragged it down his face so that the holes for the eyes were in the back, blinding him, letting him feel his hot breath wash over his face.

“Come on in.” The door clicked open and she dragged him in by the arm, pulling her keys out and letting the door thud shut behind them. “I wanted to take care of a few things before we started moving in.” Her hands worked his belt loose, then she snap of his jeans, and a slow crawl down his cock as she pulled the zipper over the metal teeth. His hands hung at his side and she could hear his breath getting shorter, harder as she slid his underwear down his legs to the floor. “Step out of those.”

He kicked his feet, working the cloth away, and stepped forward as she shoved his arms up, dragged his shirt off over them. “Ugh. Socks off, please.”

The last of his clothes came off as he planted one foot then the other on the toes of a sock and pulled, dragging them off his feet, standing naked in the empty apartment.

“Good boy.” She teased a finger up and down his groin, felt electric jolts as he shuddered and started to moan. “I knew it wouldn’t feel like home until I’d beaten you in it, and I’m not going to have the energy after moving all day tomorrow, so here we are.”

The rush of air washed through the cloth and into his ears a few second before he whimpered and lurched forward, a dull thud of pain exploding in the meaty flesh where the back of his thigh joined his ass. “All I brought was the wooden spoon, you know the one. The one you say really hurts. The one that just looks so wholesome and… homey.”

“Because…” She tapped lightly on the front of his leg, working up to his stomach in a circle around his cock, listening to his whimpers as she bounced the wood off flesh so close to his balls. “I really want to think of this as your home too, and I’m going to make your whimpers and cries bounce off every wall. I’m going to shove you in every single corner, and beat you. Do you think it will sound different when I twist your balls…” She laughed as he lurched when she grabbed his balls, applying the slightest pressure, then letting go. “…and you’re in an empty room.”

Her nail dragged in a circle around the small of his back, as she savored his fear and lust, reveled in her power over him and sucked in the sexual tension of the moment until she couldn’t stand it any longer. “Come on.” She moved past him, grabbing him by the neck and dragging him over to a blank wall, let him sink against.

She kicked his legs further apart, grabbed the wooden handle of the spoon and planted her feet. “See, I can move in today anyway, because home is where I beat the crap out of you.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. alberto said,

    Hi! I actually checked your site two or three times for updates, yesterday. I discovered that I was really looking forward to reading your new story.

    Another great piece, keep up the good work! 🙂

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Thanks, yeah, I was running a little late yesterday. But I’m glad you enjoyed it when it did arrive. 🙂

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