February 17, 2010


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“I have a surprise for you…”

“Really? Great…” She smiled, narrowed her eyes and looked up at him with a hint of trepidation.

His body hit the bed hard as he flopped down, rocking her from side to side as he rolled over on his back and squirmed his head into her lap. “Look.” Rectangular square cards, divided into 5×5 grids with letters across the top in a sixth row.

“You see, what you do is you take these squares.” He dumped one inch cardboard squares with tiny, block letters written on them onto the bed, and pushed them around in a circle with one finger. “And put them on the grid. Then you pull out one of these squares.” A second paper bag, rustling with squares of cardboard them. “And if it’s on the grid, you do it. If not, you pull another one. Get five in a row and that’s the scene.”

Her small fingers picked up a square and flipped it over so the writing was up. “Caning the back of the legs?”

He shrugged his shoulders against her leg. “I pretty much went with the usual stuff. Feel free to throw them out or add to them.”

She read through more tiles, then looked at him with pursed lips and an arched eyebrow. “Two questions: One, what happens when I win?”

“You get a prize? He laughed. “Uhm, it’s really more about playing the game, to tell the truth.”

“And two: Why did you feel the need to turn our sex life into a game of BINGO?”

His own brow furrowed. “You said sometimes you wished you didn’t know what was going to happen next in a scene. This randomizes it for you.”

She snorted, laughing against the back of her hand. “In the dorkiest way possible too. But thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”

She set the pieces down and pushed her fingers through his hair. “You want to play?”

“Yeah, I’d like that.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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