March 17, 2010

Kindness and Cookie Crumbs

Posted in stories tagged at 3:20 am by littlesubmissions

“Last cookie. You want?”

She looked over at him, holding the last cookie between thumb and forefinger, and frowned. Leaned over and picked crumbs off his shirt, scooping them into the palm of her hand and dropping them into the wastebasket. “How can you be so messy?”

A shrug. “Practice?”

A sigh and a raised eyebrow. “Give me the cookie.”

Small fingers wrapped around the edge of the cookie as her other hand forced his jaw open. The sweetened disc slid into his mouth, half in and half out, suspended as she they looked in each others eyes. “Hold it between your teeth, but don’t bite through.”

White teeth came down gently, denting the cookie and stopping, waiting as breath poured around it and drool started to collect. Her breath got faster, looking at him, a slight tinge of fear and lust in his eyes.

Her hand thudded into his chest, hard enough to rock him back and force hot breath from his lungs as he sank forward again. “It never ceases to amaze me, how you can make me want to beat the crap out of you so much.” Another punch. “And I know you don’t do it on purpose…” A steady beating now, driving him back, not giving him time to recover. “But this strange mixture…” Just time enough for him to sag forward before her knuckles smacked into the meat of his body again, pushing him back. “Of kindness and cookie crumbs…”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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