April 7, 2010

Up and Down

Posted in stories tagged at 12:05 pm by littlesubmissions

Her disembodied voice above him, “Up.” Muscles burning he shoved with his arms, pushing himself away from the floor until he was parallel, biceps quivering and sweat pooling around the boot heel on his back. Her heel pushed down harder until he started to sink, spine bending and let up.

She felt his quivering flesh traveling up her leg deep into her cunt and toyed with him, pushing, letting up, pushing, letting up, pushing, letting up. Watching his joints strain and collapse then straighten and lock, heard his breath getting harder and quicker. The animal pain sounds of fucking made her wetter, pushed her further into the gray space where there was only her pleasure and meat to feed that pleasure. “Down.”

He collapsed so quickly she nearly stumbled, the weight of his body gone from under her heel. Muscle fatigue and burning lungs as he pressed his cheek into the cold floor, letting the heat seep out of his body and sighing in relief. His arms had started to curl, to pull into his sides in an instinctive protection of his core when he heard her voice again.

“Up.” His quivering muscles and halting, jerking movement turned into unpredictable jolts in her cunt, ricocheting deep insider her. Her boot wandered along his spine, pushing, playing, teasing. The toe dragged along his inner thigh, rough leather scraping along sensitive flesh. She could see his muscles straining, getting tired faster, heat and fatigue building up in them sooner. Her tongue rolled along her lips, and her voice started to roll out of her mouth. “I’m not doing this just to be sadistic. I want to rape you.” A detached part of her watched, knew this what she needed. For him to be a willing participant in his own degradation. “Not tied up and raped.” To see the cliff. “I mean powerless to stop it because no matter how much it hurts your arms just won’t move anymore.” To jump off anyway. “To paw at me ineffectually, to moan and whimper while your arms are useless.” To sacrifice himself for her. “I’m going to turn your defenseless body into a playground without even tying you up, just because you won’t be able to stop me.”

“Down.” She felt his trembling muscles under her, holding himself up just a second longer before he collapsed this time. An extra second of surrender, a small instant in time of burning muscles and pain that would only lead to more pain until he couldn’t give her any more. “Up.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Mike said,

    Sweet, very sweet. The combination of sweat, exercise, submission, and sex is a very big turn on for me. More Sir, more please.

    • littlesubmissions said,


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