April 21, 2010

Dollar Store Domination

Posted in stories tagged at 2:36 am by littlesubmissions

Stiff bristles sliding through flesh, tearing, pulling skin off. Grinding teeth and gasps, clenched fists, burning skin. Animal instincts, trying to shove down fight and flight, focus on the lust, wrap himself in carnal desire and let the pain seep through a little at a time. Flesh twisting, involuntarily trying to escape, then being shoved back under the brush in her hand after a few gasping breaths.

The wet rasp reminded her of broken flesh slapping against her skin. She stood up, shoved the nylon brush between his legs and started to finger herself. “Look at me…” Words slipped out, a command to make him watch her get off on his pain as she rubbed her clit and pushed down with her foot, shoving bristles into his cock and balls. Pain and lust in his eyes as they rolled back into his head, the jerking of his hips driving up into her leg, jerking her clit against her fingers in time with his minute thrashing.

Small plastic firemen digging deep into his muscles as he arched his back, points stopping when they reached bone or pulled skin tight. Naked ass cheeks slapping back down on the floor, trying to escape the pain, hard meat packing sounds of fucking between her gasps of pleasure and his gasps of pain. Her foot twisting, driving the brush into his groin, sliding him across the floor, dragging cheap plastic men along with his flesh. Knees locked, teeth clenched, gasps of pain and pleasure. Dollar store pain and dollar store orgasms. Dollar store domination.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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