May 6, 2010

…and a movie.

Posted in stories tagged at 2:31 am by littlesubmissions

Flesh pressed tight, flat against the table. Spread-eagle with ropes tied around wrists and ankles to the legs of the table, wide nylon cargo straps pressing against his legs and chest. The slow ratcheting, cranking it down, pulling it tighter, waiting for him to breathe so it could slowly click a little tighter.

Blindfold, hood, gag, plugs, clamps, zippers, sweat, cock rings, rubber bands, inflatables, vibrating, rubber, vinyl, plastic, metal, flesh, meat.

Trembling vibration of knives sawing through bones and meat on the cutting board passing from the table to his back, cold blood wiped off of steel on his thighs. The methodical chop ca-chunk of sliced vegetables pushing air against the soft skin on his side. Sizzle pop heat from the oven reaching out to him, making him sweat, closer, more intimate heat from the candles making him try to flinch away from burning flame he couldn’t see.

Smell of seared protein and scorched hair, acrid garlic and sweet onion flooding his nostrils.

Scrape saw of silverware on a plate.

Clatter of dishes going in the washer.



The next course?


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