May 20, 2010

And Again

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Thin delicate fingers with chipped black polish sawed at his lips with a chopstick, dragging it across his skin, sliding it up and down weaving patterns in the waterfall of uncontrollable drool on his chin. “Oh, you hate this don’t you… Such a smart boy, barely able to talk.” She slid a second chopstick across his upper lip and inhaled deeply. She balanced the chopsticks between her fingers, framing his mouth, and stretched a pair of rubber bands with the fingers on her other hand. “Tongue.”

They both felt the word throb through their bodies, the wet anticipation sliding across her breasts and rolling down her stomach to her inner thighs. He felt the cold desire to be used by her float around his head and wrap itself around his thoughts like wool. He tried to swallow, to force his fear to become lust, but all that came from him was a low, guttural moan and a convulsion of his throat. His tongue slid out, curling up slightly, resting on the bottom chopstick.

She licked her lips and watched his eyes as she looped a rubber band around one end of the pair of chopsticks, pulling the two wooden cylinders tight together. She looked at him critically, then smiled slowly and moved her tongue over her lips as she leaned over. Her breasts hung in front of him, so close he could taste their salt sweat on it in the air. “More tongue.” She let him touch her with the barest tip of pink flesh for one second, two, three, until he started to lean in closer and she pulled the second rubber band down tight and leaned back.

His tongue trapped, he made a sound that was filled with lust and the sick sound of desire that was beyond language. She leaned back on the bed, and propped her legs up on his shoulders, letting him see how wet she was. Played with herself, rubbing her clit carefully and sliding her fingers in and out slowly, her hips shaking. Drool rolled out of his mouth and he kept his eyes open, tried not to blink, to burn this sight into his memory forever. Slick juices pooled on her cunt and ran down to the bed while his spit rolled further down his chin with each ragged exhalation and dripped towards the floor.

She brought herself to the edge, then sat back up, and smiled at him. “Hands. And no touching your cock.”

He shifted his weight, knees sore from the rough fibers of the carpet digging into them, then brought his hands up from his sides. She picked up a roll of bondage tape from the bed, and pushed his fingers together. Wrapping the tape around them, she tied all four fingers on one hand together until they were a crude flipper he could barely move. She savored the wet ripping sound of the tape pulling off the roll and did the same to his other hand. Left him with sullen flaps of meat that were useless for anything but the grossest, most animalistic clumsy bludgeoning. Her breath got harder when she moved his thumbs together, watching his pleading eyes, and began to wrap tape in tight short circles. His useless hands bound together by his thumbs, she sighed and leaned back again.

It took her less time to get herself to the edge of orgasm, and it was harder for her to pull her fingers away. He watched her push, pull, stretch slick skin to get to the flesh and nerve endings beneath it, manipulating her own body, jerking off in his face. He groaned at the sights, sounds, smells of what she was doing to herself. Became a helpless voyeur to help get her off, and listened to her groan deep in her gut when she looked up to see his contorted face, so desperate to inch closer. She slammed herself back down on the bed and worked her fingers furiously, her moaning panting desperation to hold off her orgasm becoming a counterpoint to his barks of lust and frustration. His cock twitched against the air and his ass rolled from side to side trying to find friction while he moved his hands up and down, trying to put them anywhere but his cock, finally smashing them tightly into his sternum until his arms shook with the effort of holding them there and not trying to jerk himself off with the useless bestial shapes while she continued her wanton display of self-abuse.

She started to shudder and then pulled her hands away, bit down on the skin between her thumb and forefinger, forced herself to focus on the pain and deny herself an orgasm. She sat up breathing hard, hair plastered to her forehead with sweat, face flush. Her face pushed close into his, smiling lazily, then she opened her mouth wide. The flat front of her teeth smashed into his lips, then clamped down on his tongue. Hard. He made animal sounds of panic and instinctively moved his head, pulling his tongue against her hard teeth. She groaned into his mouth in lust while he yelped into hers in pain, and her fingers found her cunt again and fucked it frantically while she smashed her tits into him, rubbing the soft skin between them on his bondage taped hands, dragging her nipples up and down his chest. She brought herself to the edge again, let him taste how much she wanted to cum, swallowed his cries and gasps of pain, then made herself back off from the edge.

She pushed herself back up onto the bed, and swallowed hard, letting him see how wet her fingers were. She teased him with her slick fingers, licking one clean then the other, slowly pushing them into her mouth then sliding them out. “Almost there.”

He looked up at her, arms still trembling, drool pooling in the corners of his mouth, and wasn’t sure if she meant him or her. Her eyes travelled down to his hard cock. Her smile made him tremble as she looked back up and winked at him.

The clothespin in her hand made little clicking noises as opened it and let the jaws snap shut. With her hot panting breath against his skin he tried to ignore the quick, hard, sharp flicks to the end of his cock that made his hips jolt in a parody of lust until he got soft. She moaned with each of his gasps of pain, and her movements were quick, frantic. Wooden jaws found skin without design or purpose except to cause pain, biting into the sides, the tip, the base of his cock. She pulled and twisted, pushing his skin painfully together and mashing nerve endings with wooden jaws and steel springs, rolling his cock out of the way and continuing down his balls.

When his skin was covered, and his thighs trembled, wooden pins clicking against each other as his muscles spasmed, she sat back up and carefully put her hands on his shoulders. Her throat contorted as she swallowed hard, looking at all she had done to him, and then stood up. She pulled him up to his feet carefully, steadying him until circulation came back to his legs and he could stand. Hunched down to keep the clothespins from hitting his thighs, mouth forced open and tongue out, hands clutched in awkward broken prayer, they looked in each other’s eyes for long seconds.

She made her look harden, then bit off her words carefully as she laid back on the bed and stretched. “Get. Me. Off.” She slapped her cunt, feeling the shock vibrate through her body, the wetness carrying the force of her hand through meat and deep inside her.

Her eyes narrowed to slits and watched him.

Another slap on her clit and her hips popped in the air, then slowly settled back down.

He wiggled his tongue experimentally, and she smiled. He drew in a deep breath, and spoke slowly and carefully, as loudly as he could. “I.” “Luff.” “Ew.”

Without thinking her fingers grabbed her clit and twisted. She watched flecks of drool fly out of his mouth and fall impossibly slowly, felt thudding waves of pleasure hammer through her cunt and wash over her entire body. She heard her screams, but they sounded like they were coming through someone else’s ears, until they turned into deep moans and she pushed herself down hard into the bed.

She smiled then, and looked up at his hopeful, expectant eyes. “Oh, good boy, very good boy. And I love you too. Now get me off again”

-Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Mike said,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Very hot little story. And it is all done without rope, chains, or leather.

    • littlesubmissions said,

      De nada. 🙂

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