June 9, 2010


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“You want to play tonight?” He looked over at her while credits rolled across the screen. Felt a dull ache behind his eyes and a twitch between his shoulder blades.

Head tilted, her nose wrinkled. “Eh, not really. Maybe something light.” She raised her eyebrow, looked at him. “Would that work for you?”

He licked his lips, looked down at the remote and pushed the stop button. “I don’t think so.” Looked back. “I was kind of hoping you were feeling vicious and sadistic. It feels like it’ll take a lot for me to get in to any sort of head space.”

Her lips sipped at the water, considered her mood, poked it. “I’m just not in a great place for heavy play tonight.” Her head rocked to one shoulder and she looked at his eyes. “Sorry.”

A shrug. “No big. Should I cue the next episode?”

She felt restlessness behind his words. “How about we go out instead? I’ll buy you dinner. Maybe I’ll feel differently when we get back.”

“Yeah, ok. Sounds good. Does buying me dinner usually make you want to hurt me? Because if so…” He grinned.

A snort. “Hardly, and don’t get your hopes up.” A small crease appeared in her forehead. “Although come to think of it, when we’re out in public you do seem to do things that make me want to hurt you.”

“I never…” Mock innocence in his protest as he pulled shoes on and stood up.

“Remember the haircut?” Her voice dropped an octave, mimicking his. “So she said she was going to start off with a soothing, relaxing massage, and I laughed at her and said ‘Really?'”

He smirked, then flinched at the memory. “Ah yes, the first haircut that ever got me kicked in the balls until I thought I was going to puke.” He reached out to take her hand as she stood up, but she walked past him, towards the bathroom.

“I have to pee first.”


She looked back, saw him smiling, and laughed. “See, you’re doing it already.”

He flinched, but just a little.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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