June 22, 2010

Great for parties.

Posted in stories tagged at 7:56 pm by littlesubmissions

LIAR. Double word score.
Oh no, I mean it. All of it. Really.

CLEAN. Double letter score on the E.
Scrubbing the floor, hands and knees. Blood dripping off his chest as he scrubbed it up, picking it up on the harsh bristles and sinking it in the bucket of warm water.

FEEL. Triple letter score on the E.
Silk gloves over torn skin. A feather over bruised flesh. Ice over muscle pounded and full of the rush of blood.

TWICE. Double word score.
Your choice of what happens twice?
Of course.

ROD. Double letter score on the E.
A smirk. You’re making this too easy.

DYE. Double word score.
Oh, I’ll definitely be adding some color to your skin…

EYE. Double word score.
Blindfolds are such fun.

BILE. Double word score.
Her spit filling his mouth. The warning not to swallow until it bubbled up, warm and wet, running down his cheeks and dripping on his body.

JEER. Double word score.
Mocking reminders of what he was, what he was doing. Jerking off with a plug in his ass while she inflated it, deflated it, then inflated it again.

QUINT. Double word score.
What the hell’s a quint?
It’s a prefix. It means five.
Orgasms for me, I think. I haven’t decided for sure yet. Maybe five toys in your ass. We’ll see.

JOG. Double letter score on the O.
Ugh, I hate jogging.
But what if something were chasing you?
Like what?
Oh. That would probably be different.

PROMO. Double letter score on the M.
Promo. You couldn’t make porno? What are you going to do with promo?
No ‘N.’ Maybe I’ll have you make fliers to encourage me to beat you. Dunno, I’ll think of something.
I know.

Super glue play. I hear it’s like rope bondage, but if you pull too hard, your skin just comes off.
You’ll find out.

GIVE. Triple word score.
You give. I take.

RAG. Triple letter score.
Clothes shredded with a straight razor while he made himself stand still, trying to not to even move his chest as he breathed. Cloth falling in piles around his feet to the sound of hiss and rip.

TO. Double word score.
A shrug. Sorry, I got nothing here.
It’s ok. I have plenty of letters to play with.

GUN. Triple letter score
Kind of edgy.
I wouldn’t use a real one.
A toy gun?
I wonder what you’d look like sucking on the barrel, on your knees…

TURN. Double word score.
A long pause.
I’ll think of something. Keep playing.

Giggle. Piss slut.
4 points of pure pervy awesome.

TILE. Double letter score on the I and E.
Hot home improvement action?
Eh, keep playing.

FIG. Double letter score on the F.
Figging. Never tried that.
You’ll have to let me know how it feels.

NO. Triple letter score.
Screaming it over and over, whimpering it between sobs of pain, whispering it face down as her nails sank into his skin and pulled flesh off his back in long stripes.

IDES. Triple letter score.

OBI. Double letter score.

Snicker. You’re in a hurry to finish the game.
You are too.

You wouldn’t, would you?
It’s not on your list of hard limits…
There is a bit about permanent bodily modification though.
I hate that bit. Grin.
Sorry. Grin.
I’ll do some googling.

CHAOS. Double word score.
Do that one all the time.
No scene ever survives contact with a submissive.

SAKE. Double letter score on the K.
I’ll do something horrible to you, and you’ll have to do something before I stop. You know, for your sake.
What are you going to do?
I’m not going to tell you.
So what do I have to do?
I’m not going to tell you that either.

Hands and feet bound, crawling across the floor to reach her boots, tongue out, reaching.

AH. Double letter score.
I think we can find something to make you say “Ah” somewhere.

THAW. Double letter score.
But ice cubes thaw so slowly…

Too easy.

I’m such a fan of symmetry, but I might just find out how many zippers we can put on one side of your body.

Craigslist has rules about that sort of thing now, don’t they?
Snicker. Don’t worry about it.

SWAM. Triple word score.
That’s all the letters.
Write them all down.
Then what?
Then we’ll start playing.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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