June 28, 2010

The Box

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“There’s good news and bad news.” She pulled linens and blankets out the hope chest, piling them between the bed and the wall. Her hands were shaking, eager, and she spoke to him without looking at him, standing in the doorway, shifting his weight from foot to foot nervously. Her words spilled out of her mouth and ran into each other as she breathed eagerly. “Good news, you don’t have to socialize with my friends at dinner tonight.” She dropped the last armful of sheets on the floor and looked at him, licked her lips. “Bad news is… well, you’ll find out. Why aren’t you naked?”

He jumped, started. “Sorry…” He mumbled, looking from the open chest to her, and back again as he pulled his clothes off. He could feel his armpits starting to sweat, cold fear in his chest as his cock twitched and started to get harder. He stood there naked, took a deep breath and walked over to her, standing with his hands at his side, not knowing where to put his eyes.

She ran her hand through his hair, tugging gently. “Good boy. Stay.” She slapped his ass as she walked by and pulled the large container out of the closet. Sex toys, latex and rubber, wood and metal shifted against each other as she dropped the container on the bed, and pulled off the lid. She sorted through the toys briskly, looking at the clock and him, trying to see which of the toys his eyes were on. He looked away quickly, and she realized he had been watching her ass shift in her jeans as she pivoted around to reach different toys. A warm flush and a throaty chuckle, as she pulled out one of the toys and a lubricated condom.

His face twitched and he swallowed hard, his cock flicking a little harder as he saw the inflatable butt plug in her hands. His hands took it as she held it out, ripped open the condom and handed him the open package.

“Put the condom on it.”

He fumbled with bulb that inflated the plug, the plug draped over his arm as he pulled the condom out. He pulled the tip through the ring, and grabbed the plug in his other hand, the tube and nozzle hanging below, swinging back and forth. He felt the rolling in his stomach, trying to block the image of how big the bulb was fully inflated from his mind.

“I’d put the lube on the outside…” She drawled the words slowly, getting off on his fumbling nervousness. It felt warm and hot inside her, her cunt clenching as she watched his hands shake a little, then her cunt released and clenched harder as he kept going anyway.

He flipped the condom over and rolled it down the plug, nodding, not thinking. He held it out to her, and turned around when she took it. He shut his eyes, dreading what was about to happen.

She let him simmer in anticipation, let him take a few deep breaths. Enjoyed the moment herself, watching his back, holding the plug in her hand, screwing the nozzle closed so it was ready to inflate. “Spread your cheeks for me.” She felt her mind focusing on him, blocking out everything else, her thighs tensing against one another.

His fingers sank into his flesh and peeled it apart. His back straightened as he felt her putting the tip of the plug against his ass, lining it up, putting her hand on the base. She waited for him to inhale deeply, then pushed, hard, holding it when she felt the resistance against it and his explosive exhalation left his lungs starved and empty.

She purred at his whimpers, watched his arms tense and his fingers sink into his ass cheeks further, harder, his body demanding he react, do something as she violated him. He sobbed and inhaled and she shoved again, hard, feeling it sink into him until the base met flesh. His legs were trembling and she watched him shake his head from side to side as she started to pump.

“Tell me when this is uncomfortable.” He felt the tube expanding in his ass, pushing against his body, rearranging his internal anatomy. Sealing itself inside him, sucking up further in his body, the rape getting more painful, the unnatural feeling of being penetrated growing. His teeth ground together and he kept telling himself one more, just one more until he gasped out. “That’s uncomfortable, please stop.”

She let him breathe. Felt the firm bulb in her hand, wondered how big the plug inside him was. “Can you take one more?” Her greed trilled inside her as she indulged it, rewarded her with hot feelings of lust and possession.

He swallowed hard, and then slowly nodded. “I think so.”

She crushed the bulb in her hand, watched his back straighten and his hips shake as his body tried to find a position that didn’t feel like it was being split in two. Her hand stroked his hair again, and she let go of the bulb, watched it swing between his legs like an obscene tail. “Good boy. Now I need you to put your hands behind your back.”

He shuddered as he felt the handcuffs ratchet tight around his wrists, and she echoed back a throaty growl of a moan. “In the chest now.” His steps were faltering, he walked bent over. The bulb bounced off his shins, pulling and tugging on the plug in his ass with each step. She held his shoulders as he raised his leg high and put it in the box, then shifted his weight and put his other leg in. She carefully lowered him down to a sitting position, then slid him across the bottom until he was lying down.

“Almost there.” She smiled down at him, and he made a bleary grin through tears from the pain that radiated from his ass up to his gut and back down again with every breath. Her fingers snapped the jelly ring around his cock, and she quickly pumped him until he was hard, breathing and gasping as she pulled and twisted the flesh in her hand. Her cunt was screaming at her, to make him hurt more, to take more, to get off on his pain when she stood up and took a deep breath.

She wanted to savor this sensation, of owning him and using him. Knew he’d lie there with a hard cock waiting for her, enjoying the silence and darkness, the feeling of being a toy for her amusement. He shifted awkwardly, and she shook her head, looked at the clock and back to him. “They’ll be getting here soon. I’d be very quiet if I were you. If someone heard something and decided to look in the chest, it could be awkward.”

He shuddered and nodded, squeezing his thighs together to massage his balls, the rush of shame and humiliation as he imagined being discovered filling his mind, making his cock twitch again. “Yes ma’am.” He shuddered and played the fantasy again while she started to drop toys on him, piling latex and rubber and metal, wood and leather all around him.

“Can’t make it too easy. You’ll have to be very still to keep these from bouncing around and making noise I imagine.” Her mouth curled up into a cruel smirk as she looked down at him, another sex toy in a box full of ways for her to get off. Her breath was hard and fast, and she looked down at him with heat and lust. “But I’ll give you something to keep you busy.” She pulled a dildo with a suction cup base off his leg, lowered the lid part way and measured the distance with her eyes. The suction cup flattened out on the lid, the rubber dick bouncing obscenely as she lowered the lid further, watching through the crack to see if it lined up with his mouth. She purred approval as he shifted his head slightly and the end of the dildo sank between his lips, a hard tube of plastic cock splitting his face.

She let the lid fall shut, and got ready for her party, thinking of him waiting for her.

Drool dripped down the corners of his mouth as the latex cock occupied the space between his teeth. He felt his cock hard, and wondered if that was sweat or pre-cum dripping down the side. Teased himself with imagining how wild she would be when the guests finally left and she waved them off, shutting the door, her feet pounding into the bedroom quickly to tear open the lid and see all he had taken, then rip some more away from him.

Warm thoughts turned to cold sweat as he heard voices, guests arriving. Footsteps came and dropped coats on the bed, and he wondered if they could hear his heart beating in his chest. He held his breath, forced himself to lie still, eyes open even in the pitch black, watching for any sign of light to appear. The footsteps moved away, and he breathed again, the warm haze filling his mind again.

“It’s just through here.” He heard her voice, the flat rap of her flats in the hallway and another set of footsteps behind her. “The toilets on the fritz, and you know what it’s like trying to get the super to fix anything in an apartment…” He froze, terror flooding his mind as the footsteps got closer, walked by the chest. He heard the click of the vent fan in the bathroom off their bedroom, and the door click shut. Her flats came back, paused by the chest. He whimpered and tried to scoot away as a crack of light appeared, her appearing. “Very, very quiet.” She whispered it, and cool air rushed in to the chest, making his muscles tremble from the sweat piling on his skin.

The crack of light disappeared and he heard her footsteps move away, water running, then the door and more footsteps leading away. He waited inside, the dildo hanging down above him, blinking sweat out of his eyes. He listened, waiting for laughter from a good joke or the groans of a bad pun to shift his weight, to change the pressure on his shoulders or legs. He picked out voices, and knew these weren’t kinky friends, but people from work and the neighborhood. Knew that if they found him their disgust would crawl across their faces at the sight of him, cock straining and hard, tube leading up to the plug in his ass, trails of drool running from his mouth to the rubber dick bobbing above his face.

They moved into the living room, and he lost count of footsteps moving by the chest. The clank of the lid rising and falling as men pissed, water running, the flush that meant they’d be walking by him again soon. Her footsteps came by, and he heard the bedroom door slide shut. A rustle from the bed, and the lid slid open. The cock slid out of his mouth, and he swallowed the puddle of drool that had built up in the back of his mouth. It would have just added to the mess already streaming down his face onto his neck, but it soothed the burning in his throat.

She looked down at him, face flushed, felt the heat inside her throbbing. Deep hunger all the food and wine couldn’t satisfy filled her, and she licked her lips, looking down at him like he was a human sacrifice to her most animal desires. A throaty growl came out of her throat as she stretched her sopping panties between her hands, showing him how wet they were. “I want to drag this chest out there, flip open the lid and just scream, ‘See what he does for me? Look what gets me off! And he’ll fucking do it, because it gets him off too! So you can all just fuck right off with your ski trips and softball teams, because I am going to rip this guy apart and put him back together and not one of you will ever have what we have.'”

He felt nausea rolling across him from the cold air, but smiled back. “I like you too.”

A snort that turned into a laugh, and she shoved the panties in his mouth, let the lid slide back down and click shut. Her fingers lingered for just a second outside, then she was gone.

Footsteps came and went, passing back and forth by the box. He felt her taste on his tongue, and she remembered the smell of sweat and cedar from when she had opened the chest. He finally heard the last of the guests leave, sighed explosively while she groaned in exasperation as she finally shut the door and walked to the bedroom.

The lid flopped open, hitting the bed, and her hands were in his hair, pulling him up. Drool, sweat, his trembling body naked in front of her as she pulled him upright then threw him on the bed. She rolled her dress up over her shoulders, pulled off another pair of sopping panties, and looked at him with a ravenous, destructive appetite. “I was going to use one of the other dildos, and just let you sleep in there with all the other sex toys, frustrated and horny. But then I thought, why use of one them when I have you? Such a well good, well behaved sex toy.”

For once, he didn’t try to say anything funny, just nodded and enjoyed the scene. “Thank you ma’am.”

“You’re welcome.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


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