July 21, 2010

Catholic Schoolgirl’s Revenge

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This will make more sense if you read the previous post (directly below) first.

He felt her hand in his collar, dragging him back against her, pushing their bodies together, his shirt soaking through and plastering itself to his back. “Oh, the scene is just getting started. When you write this one down, why don’t you call it ‘Catholic Schoolgirl’s Revenge?’”

He felt her hand wrapped in his hair, pulling him back into the shower. His lungs sucked in a deep breath of air, full of the deep smell of sex and acrid scent of his own piss as he carefully stumbled backwards. “You pious fuck…” She pulled him close then spun him around, rubbing her wet naked body against his.

His groan of anticipation trembled through her body, and she smashed his knee into his balls. Their knees collapsed together, his in pain, hers in lust, and they sank to the floor together. The dildo was stuck to the floor between them, swaying from the vibrations of their bodies moving through the floor. She pushed him back against the wall, pulled his head down and grabbed the dildo.

The suction cup came loose with a wet pop, and she smashed it down again under his lips as he sank forward, the pain in his balls making it impossible for him to stay upright. She held his head, just above the dildo, letting it rest on his lips. “Oh Father, teach me how to pray,” she lilted in a sing song voice, mocking him as piss dripped off her breasts down onto the back of his head.

He groaned a last gasp of pain, and drew in a deep breath. “Our…” His words disappeared in a choked growl as she pushed his head down, filling his throat with the dildo, shoving his words back down his throat. She held his head as he choked and coughed, his drool mixed with the taste of her cunt on the dildo. “What’s the matter Father? Can’t you pray with your mouth full of dick?”

His head twisted from side to side, trying to shake the cock out of his mouth, jerking his head back and forth. She felt electric thrills and her heart beat faster with each instinctive jolt of his body, the animal pain washing over her and pounding deep inside her. Finally, she jerked his head up, letting him breathe in deep gasps, spraying spit out of his mouth, wet saliva running down his chin and arcing down to land on her stomach and mix with the wetness gushing from her cunt.

“I said to fucking pray!” She snarled it at him and shoved his face back down on the cock, pounding his head up and down, bouncing the rounded end off the back of his throat and making him gag each time. Words came out, but barely as he tried to recite a prayer. Garbled, mangled pious syllables of supplication choking in his throat as she rammed his head down and pulled it up.

The torture went on, her voice mocking him and snarling at him. Drool poured out of his mouth and pooled on the floor with the wetness that was seeping out of her cunt, tears dripped out of his eyes and ran down his cheeks as she spit words out of her mouth onto his face. She raped his face, kneeling in front of him, holding his face down on the dildo until one smashed plea came out over and over. “Pleesh… stropp… mam…”

The sound echoed off the fiberglass walls of the shower, and she felt it tremble all the way through her. Pulling his head up she let him breathe, the words coming out of his raw throat and washing over his drool soaked lips again and again.

Her hand smacked into his face, a hard stinging slap. “You’re praying to me now? That’s kind of hot Father… but so very naughty.” She stood up carefully, looking down at him, and smashed his face into her crotch. “Pray to my cunt, Father.”

She pulled him in tight, holding his face against the short hairs and wet, sensitive flesh of her cunt. He mumbled words, half out of his mind, and this time it was him choking as her piss poured down his face, ran into his mouth, turned his prayer to choking, bitter, wet gasps of violation. It ran down his throat, pooled on the white collar and plastered the black shirt to his skin. It ran down the chain around his neck and dripped off the crucifix that bounced on and off his body as she jerked his head side to side.

“Keep praying you fucking pious fuck…” She let him start again, then smashed his mouth against her and pinched his nostrils shut. He licked as hard as he could, trying to get her off, trying to talk, the breath in his mouth smashing against her wet skin. The air in his lungs burned, the wet words trapped in his mouth against her skin, and she rocked in pleasure from their heat. She felt herself start to come, a deep trembling in her legs and quivering skin and pushed him away. “You can’t pray that way either? Well, I’ve got one more idea.”

She pushed him back, spun him around. His face was red, bright and hot with lack of air. His cock was hard, bulging against his tight black pants as she dripped wetness down her legs and breathed hard, her skin electric and alive. He felt her hand hot against the small of his back as she worked her fingers into the waistband of his pants, and yanked them down.

The wet smacking sound of the suction breaking on the dildo echoed off the walls as she jerked it free. “Now, you’re going to pray.” She lined the dildo up against his asshole, hugged her chest tight against his back, and waited for his breathing to slow. He felt her teasing him, pushing the end of the fake cock against his ass, his heart beating harder and faster, his teeth clenching against the impending violation.

“Our Father…”

She shoved the dildo forward, pushing until it popped into his body, violated him. He gasped and continued, the words a brutal cadence as she sawed it back and forth in his body. On all fours he gasped out the words, punctuated them with moans and cries of pain as she slammed it into his body, the crucifix bobbing back and forth on his chest.

Their hot bodies plastered together with piss soaked clothes she fingered her cunt as she sodomized him while he gasped out the prayer. Tortured, horrible pain and searing heat mixed, wet fluids rolling out of her cunt, dripping from his mouth. Hot pleasure and deep animal growls from her throat, the gut wrenching throbbing like he was going to vomit rolling from his body as she pulled the dildo out and slammed it back in, the fake balls smashing into his skin.

She ground her palm against the base, trying to force in further as her body shuddered and convulsed, orgasming as he finished, gasping out the final word with a tortured sob of surrender as she collapsed against him, sobbing out the ending of her own prayer.


Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. justagirl said,

    this was sooooooo arousing…

    • littlesubmissions said,


  2. Mike said,

    The two stories together are great. Loved them.

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Thanks Mike, and thanks for commenting so much as well. Most people don’t (hell, I usually don’t on the blogs I read) but it is always appreciated when a reader says something.

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