July 28, 2010

The Box

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:06 am by littlesubmissions

“Where the hell did you get that?”

The cardboard twisted through the door and landed on the carpet with a WHUMP of displaced air. She grinned over the top of it, while the cat peered around the corner and inspected it carefully. “I stole it from a homeless guy, of course!”

He smirked, and she slid it the rest of the way inside and locked the catch behind her, flipping the keys onto the stand by the car. “Actually the people down the hall bought a new refrigerator. They were going to throw the box away, but said I could have it.”

He followed her as she navigated around the furniture and into the bedroom, finally standing the box upright and hip checking it into a corner. He cleared his throat, scenarios running through his mind. “It does have possibilities.”

“Oh, you have no idea.” She plopped down on the bed and pulled off her shoes, wriggling her toes. “I’m going to put things in the box. Some of them you’ll like, some of them you’ll hate. But once you look in the box, whatever is in there is going to happen…” He nodded and she flopped back on the bed, stretching and rolling onto her side to watch him. “I really don’t know what will get me off more, you denying yourself something you would really like because you’re afraid, or you looking in the box and ending up in some horribly painful, humiliating scene just because of your curiosity. And hey, you might even win some.”

He smiled at her, and she grinned back. “Now get the fuck out, and shut the door behind you. I need to decide what to put in the box…”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Mike said,

    Oh, nice anticipation.

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Too hot for anything but anticipation…

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