August 4, 2010

Dramatically Appropriate

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The fake cock slid down his throat, inch by inch, disappearing down his gullet. His lips slid back with each thrust, dragged across the latex skin until they turned white, his eyes bulging obscenely, tears pouring down them and blood vessels pumping blood them through them frantically. He tried to breathe through his nose, snot pouring out and sliding down his face, pooling with spit and dripping on the floor as she pulled his head further towards her, scraping the shaft along his throat. Hands clenched in his hair held him there, impaled, the vibrations of his strangulation twitching against her clit, rubbing it, her thighs clenched to hold herself perfectly still and make his torture drive her to orgasm.

It had started with an offhand remark while they were waiting for the bus.

Hot asphalt, half a dozen people talking on their phones, long day. They had both started to wonder if finding parking would have been that difficult after all.

She mopped the sweat off her forehead and ignored the guy staring at her tits. “See, I can make anything torture, even going to the movies.”

“Not steak and a blowjob. No one could make that torture.” He leaned forward to look down the street for the bus, and shifted his body to block the view of the guy staring at her tits.

An offhand remark brought about by a summer blockbuster, a late bus, and a warm front.

His throat wrapped around injection molded latex, breath strangled in his lungs as she gasped short breaths and got herself off. Hips twitching and slick skin singing against his pain.

She twisted his head around with her hands, wrapping his skull around her pleasure, jerking his face around and listening to him choke until she shuddered and slid into an orgasm. She pushed his face off, a loud pop and the sound of their deep breaths filling the room. She slid the spit covered latex cock across his cheek, held him close, and waited until their breathing settled.

She murmured in the warm afterglow, thinking out loud. “I hope this is torture enough… I wanted to tie you down and invite all my gay friends over… a couple of them really have a thing for my pet straight boy you know… and the idea of you sucking all that cock… cum dripping off your lips… making you lick it up and beg for more cock to suck… frantically trying to get them off to keep them away from your cute little butt…” She shuddered again, pushed him away and slapped his face. “Sometimes your hard limits really piss me off.”

He dragged his hand across his upper lip, wiping it on his pants leg. Gasping, his throat sore and burning.

“Stay.” She pushed his head back, walked to the kitchen. Came back with a plate she put in front of him. “Steak tartare. Bon appetit.” She pushed his head down and he dropped to all fours, looking down at the raw meat.

Her feet moved behind him, knelt down, and grabbed the waistband of his pants. “I’m sure this is big enough to make things unpleasant for you. So while you eat your steak, I’m going to turn your ass into my private playground.”

He closed his eyes, whimpered, waited for the penetration.

She took her time, lining the dildo up, waiting for him to take the first bite before she sank it deep inside his body. “So, do you still think I can’t make steak and a blowjob torture?”

“What?” He shook his head, shifted his body to look behind him, up at her, his face scrunched with confusion. “What are you talking about?”

She stared back. “I said I could make anything torture, you said I couldn’t make steak and a blowjob torture. While we were waiting on the bus for that movie.”

“I did? That movie was awful.”

Her hair bounced as she shook her head and smacked him on the ass. “Shut up and eat, I’ll explain why this scene is dramatically appropriate later.”

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Mike said,

    Damn ! Damn hot !

    • littlesubmissions said,


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